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Snook NFT {Sep 2021} Token Price, How to Buy? Chart

Want to invest in NFT games? Check out the new Snook NFT that helps you make higher revenue in the market. So, start reading!

Are you looking for a skilled-based NFT IO game? If yes, so your research ends here. In this article, we will discuss the trending game in the United States and its current market value. So, you could better know whether you should invest in this or not. 

However, the value of a token depends on the market and your skill. Therefore, it is crucial to know Snook NFT assets in detail. 

Let’s find out!

About Snook Game

Snook is a multi-player skill-based game that rewards speediness, aptitude, and determination. The makers of this game mission were only to create an exclusive yet fun game for the players. And nothing is better than the snake game, as it was prevalent on the featured mobile phones. Though, it does not require promotional tricks to generate maximum users. However, the snake game has already a great fan following. 

The makers “Mazawi” said introducing the new snake game in NFT based technology naturally triggers millions of players. Currently, Snook NFT is available at the beta version for PC players only. However, the mobile version and apps will launch by the end of this year. 

Snook Token Price Chart

  • Price- $2.50
  • Token name- SNOOK (SNK)
  • Market capital- No data available
  • Market Dominance- No data available
  • Diluted Validation- $100,194,499
  • 24 hour Trading volume- $14,601,548.15
  • 24H low- $1.35
  • 24H high- $3.43

SNK supply chain/ market supply

  • Circulating supply- Not available
  • Total supply- 40,000,000
  • Maximum supply- 40,000,000
  • Market Rank- #2718

Who is the founder of Snook game token?

Snook game is currently available at a beta version that runs on PC. Still, the mobile apps need to be launched for Snook NFT, so players from the United States have to wait for some time. The co-founder of the Snook game, Hosam Mazawi, explains that generating snake multi-player is only to enhance the value of the coin with an easy and fun game. 

Snook is a Minted NFT, which plays a significant role in recording on the blockchain and is eventually used to improve the face value of the non-fungible token.

SKN price predictions and statistics

As per the coin market cap, the value of the SNK token is showing mixed results (up and down). But the important fact is its value has doubled from 1.56 to 2.50, reflecting the positive points to invest. 

Is Snook NFT best for investment?

The current value of Snook is USD 2.56, with a higher trading volume. However, there is no data available on market cap and trading view. Despite this, the SNK price gets down by -26.7% in the 24 hours. So, we recommend everyone to invest by checking all factors. 

How to buy an SNK token?

If you want to buy an SNK token, you need to visit Gate.io, a currently popular exchange for tickets. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Create your account in Gate.io with your email.
  • Explore your Snook NFT token and its value
  • Once you find the coin enters the value which you want to purchase
  • Enter the payment method
  • After completing transactions, the cash will transfer to your wallet.


Who is the founder of the Snook game?

Hosam Mazawi is the co-founder of this classic game. 

What is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens provide evidence of ownership. It allows you to monetize it easily.

Wrapping it up  

So, you have read all the information you were looking for. We hope you have found an answer that one should invest in it after checking all conditions. Start invest in Snook NFT and generate maximum revenue.

Do you think NFT are the best to invest in? If yes, share your opinion with us with supporting reasons. This would help our readers too. Check here the details of best cryptocurrency of 2021.

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