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Smack Chris Rock Game {April 2022} Know Details Here!

Read this article, get every insight about this game and Oscar event incident in full detail, and know how to play the Smack Chris Rock Game

Do you know what happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith? Want to know about the game where you can smack Chris rock? You have found our article while searching for this correct information. This article will be your informational guide and provide you with every detail.

 People living in the United States of America and the United Kingdom are now looking for Smack Chris Rock Game information in detail. Go through this article and have an idea about this game now.

About Chris Rock Smack Game!

This game was developed by a young developer who is currently staying in Canada. The idea of this game came after an unfortunate incident had happened on the Oscar Platform between Chris Rock and Will Smith.

In this game, the player can only win by beating Chris Rock. According to the developer, this game was developed for fun purposes. We recently found that people living in Australia are playing this Smack Chris Rock Game.

Strange things about this game that players need to know!

Many factors around gamers are now playing the game of Chris Rock. Those facts are as follows:

  • The only way to win this game is to beat Chris Rock and make him taste his blood.
  • You can beat your own best record in this game by smacking Chris Rock at a higher speed.
  • Speed can be calculated by two methods, KMPH and MPH.
  • The developer makes the User Interface very simple so that everyone can easily.
  • These are the facts about this game that everyone needs to know before starting playing.

Who is the developer of this Smack Chris Rock Game!

Tyler Hamilton is the developer of this fun game. The world first came to know h8im when he developed a game during the covid peak. Many people know that game as the covid vaccine hunt. He has implemented a few emojis in this game. These emojis will help players choose what types of slaps they want to give to Chris Rock. 

After winning this game, you will receive a few coins. Through which you can buy new and more exciting emojis. Players don’t have to download any application for playing this game. They can play Smack Chris Rock Game from the browser itself.

Why is this topic trending?

Though we all know what had happened on the grand stage of the Oscar event, Tyler, the developer of this game, has developed a funny dubbed game where you can win the game by hitting Chris Rock. People are now playing this game and having fun.

Final Verdict:

As per our case study, we learned that this game was developed for fun purposes. The Motto of this game is to slap Chris Rock to win this game. Meanwhile, have you tried to play the Smack Chris Rock Game share your view in our comment box below.

In addition to the above information, click here and play Chris rock Smack Game.

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