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Slp Rate PHP (July) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address

Slp Rate PHP (July) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address >> Here, we will read about the price of a particular cryptocurrency in a specific country.

Everyone should know about cryptocurrencies and their rates before investing in them because it helps to invest in cryptocurrencies having a reasonable rate. Various cryptocurrencies are getting famous in countries like the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates and in which people have already invested.

In this very article, we will read about the rate of SLP in php or we can also say that we are going to read about the Slp Rate PHP. We will provide you with all the relevant details related to this topic, so read the article till the end.

What Is an SLP coin?

SLP token is commonly known as a smooth love potion or small love potion. It is a gaming token which the AXIE Edge develops. The coin is constructed on the ETH network and has also successfully broken both the DEFI and the gaming world because of its availability on the Uniswap liquidity pool.

This token can be used for various exciting reasons, like breeding the pet creatures when playing the AXIE infinity game. Further in his article, we will discuss the Slp Rate PHP and other related data.

Current price chart of SLP token:

The amount of Smooth love potion is 15.6 dollars, and it is seen that the token price is up by almost 4.44 per cent in the previous 24hours. And right now, the smooth love potion market cap is 8,444,143,951.22 dollars. The value of the SLP has seen an upsurge by almost 16.41% because yesterday, the opening price was around 0.3362867100 dollars and was closed around 0.2805654700 dollars.

Details about Slp Rate PHP:

According to the research we have done, we learned that a small love potion(SLP) equals 15.22 PHP. And currently, if we sell one SLP on 23rd July, we will get 15 pesos in PHP. And if we convert 1000 SLP, then we will get around 150840 pesos in php.

Statistics of SLP digital coin:

  • SLP token price- 0.2973210000 dollars.
  • 24hr high and the low- 0.3149633200/0.2720644500 Dollar.
  • 24hr volume – 11,860,506,720 dollar.
  • Market cap – 8,099,806,680.00
  • The market rank – #164
  • The circulating supply of SLP coin- 541.17M
  • SLP/Bitcoin ratio- 1BTC=0.0000020580 SLP.
  • Total supply of SLP coin- 541.17M
  • 1 Slp Rate PHP15 PHP.

Where and how can we buy the SLP token?

According to the research, we got to know that officially the coin has not yet launched and is just available on a few on the top exchange platforms like BNB and the Uni swap platforms of exchanges. 

There are few more exchange platforms like HOO market, bilaxy market and the coin EX from where we can purchase the SLP coin. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hereunder the Slp Rate PHP, we have also mentioned some of the common questions related to the SLP coin.

Q1) current price of a smooth love potion coin?

Answer) the price of a smooth love potion coin is 0.2973210000

Q2) what is the market rank of smooth love potion coin?

Answer) the market rank of smooth love potion coin is #164

Q3) current fully diluted market cap of smooth love potion coin?

Answer) the fully diluted market cap of SLP is 43,399,019,740 dollars.


SLP coin and the Slp Rate PHP is the main topic that we have covered here, we have gone through every essential data and price statistics related to this cryptocurrency, and we also read about the price of 1 SLP in php in this topic.

Do you think it is essential to know all the details of crypto before investing in it?  As it can help you to understand about best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for long term.

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