Slp Crypto Price 2021.

Slp Crypto Price (July 2021) How to Buy? Token Price

Slp Crypto Price (July 2021) How to Buy? Token Price >> Gather up the facts about the crypto-currency that is Earned by playing the game and know its authentic details.

Have you ever come across the Crypto Coin, which are Earned playing the game? Yes, you heard it right! Small love potion digital currency is mainly known among the Philippines and United States citizens, which is collected by playing the game.

Many individuals are not aware of the Slp Crypto Price and the token nature and details. This post will make sure that readers get all the authentic knowledge about the SLP Crypto token. Slp Token is termed as a small love potion. 

What is Slp Crypto Coin?

Users earn SLP (Small love potion) Coins through playing the infinity game Axie. This digital currency serves as a replacement asset for the experience coins or points. The Coin is Ethereum based token that can be utilized to breed digital pets that are new and commonly recognized as Axies.

The breeding Slp Crypto Price starts from 100 SLP but gradually increases to two hundred Slp for the 2nd breed, 3rd breed maybe 300, 4th maybe 500, the fifth of 800, and 6th maybe 1300 SLP. So, this coin can be used for breeding at most seven times. The cost of the seventh breed is around 2100 SLP. 

About Slp Token Founders:

The CEO behind this company is Trung Nguyen. He left his job as the software developer, and the reason he has for leaving this job was he want to focus on this project of Coin Slp. 

He states that he had a keen interest in exploring blockchain gaming potential.

Slp Crypto Price Statistics:

The rice of SLP Coin today is currently $0.154953. Its twenty-four hours volume of trading is USD 40,931,828. This coin is low by 5.49%, as observed in the last twenty-four hours. The maximum supply of the Coin is not available.

  • Price of small love potion: $0.1554
  • 24 hour Price change: $-0.0144
  • Twenty-four hours low: $0.1523
  • Twenty-four hours high: $0.1749
  • 24 hours trading volume: $40,931,827.60
  • Market cap/volume: 0.6537
  • Market Dominance: 0.00%
  • Market rank: #371
  • Market cap: $62,615,017.01
  • Fully diluted market cap: $62,615,017.01

About Slp Coin Predictions/Statistics:

It’s predicted that Slp Crypto Price may go high in its value in the short term to increase by 21% to $0.1882 from dollar 0.1556. The forecast system predicts that there will be a move of 32% from 0.1556USD to $0.2051 over the coming months. The Token has a cost prediction of 0.3768 USD over the years time. At the same time, there may be fluctuations in price because of other factors.

  • One week forecast: $0.1882 +21%
  • One month forecast: 0.2051 +32%
  • One year forecast: $0.3768 +142%

Info About Slp Coin Supply:

  • The token circulating supply: 404,090,637.00 SLP
  • The maximum token supply: unavailable 
  • The total token supply: 404,090,637

How to Buy Slp Crypto Coin (Token):

Along with Slp Crypto Price information, here’s the step for having this token!

Step1: register yourself on the Binance platform 

Step 2: deposit Ethereum or bitcoin 

Step 3: Check the balance 

Step 4: place an order for buying a small love potion coin

Check here to Buy SLP


  1. What is the general term for SLP Coin?

Ans) Small love potion 

  1. What is the total supply of this coin?

Ans) 404,090,637 SLP, which is available in best cryptocurrency app 2021.

  1. What’s the current value of SLP Coin?

Ans) The current Live price of this coin is $ 0.1554


This all information is related to Slp Crypto Price that we found while studying. So, if anyone wants to buy this Token, can click the link provided above. 

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