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Slp Binance Rate PHP (Aug) How To Buy? Contract Address

Slp Binance Rate PHP (Aug) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new in-game currency that is listed on crypto exchanges for trading.    

The gaming space is gradually taking over the Blockchain platform by launching different Crypto assets and digital currency. Axie Infinity is the new virtual game where players are rewarded with Crypto tokens for their contributions to the ecosystem and skilled gameplay. 

Smooth Love Potion or SLP is the native token of the gaming platform, and players have to raise, collect, win battles to earn the SLP tokens. The game is ranked by monthly, weekly, and daily active players from the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

But, what is the Slp Binance Rate PHP? Let’s check here.

What is SLP Coin?

Axie Infinity is the Pokemon-inspired virtual game partially operated and owned by the gaming community. The platform rewards the players for their contributions and skilled gaming with the native token called SLP coin. 

So, players have to earn the SLP tokens by winning the battles and deciding the game’s future. Besides, the SLP tokens are also available for trading on major exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, FTX, and more. 

But, investors must learn about the live price data and Slp Binance Rate PHP before investing. Moreover, since the price keeps fluctuating, it is wise to check before investing for fruitful investment. 

Who Founded SLP Token?

Axie Infinity game is developed and designed by Sky Mavis, a technology-focused game developer established in 2018. The company has a team of 40 employees and is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Trung Thanh Nguyen serves as the CEO, Aleksander Leonard Larsen series as COO, Tu Doan works as art director and game designer, Andy Ho’s CTO, and Jeffrey Zirlin serves as the growth lead. 

What is the Live Price Data, Market Stats, and Supply of SLP Token?

Before moving ahead to know the Slp Binance Rate PHP, let us check the live market stats of SLP.            

  • The live price of SLP as per CoinMarketCap.com is $0.174237, with a small decline of 6.43%.
  • The highest trading volume recorded in the last 24 hours is $129 229 181, with a downfall of 5.63% in the last 24 hours. 
  • Depending upon the live market cap of $150 333 963, the token is ranked at #197. The fully diluted market cap of SLP is $150 333.36.
  • The total SLP available for circulating supply is 862 811 373 SLP, and the max supply data is unavailable.  

What is the Slp Binance Rate PHP Value?

As per the major exchanges and virtual converters, the price of the SLP coin is as follow:

  • One SLP Coin is equal to 0.000512 BNB
  • One SLP Coin is equal to 8.718933 PHP

However, the coin’s value keeps fluctuating, and it is worth checking it before investing to grab the best deals. 

How to Buy SLP Coin?

  • Signup for a trusted digital wallet and add funds to it
  • Link the wallet to your desired exchange
  • Find the SLP coin on exchanges by using the contract address 0xCC8Fa225D80b9c7D42F96e9570156c65D6cAAa25
  • Enter the amount of SLP coin you want to buy
  • But ensure checking the live Slp Binance Rate PHP as it keeps fluctuating 
  • Swap the fiat currency for SLP coin and hold it in your wallet 


Q1. What is the Official URL of SLP Coin?

A1. https://axieinfinity.com/ is the official URL of SLP.

Q2. What is the contract address to use?

A2. 0xCC8Fa225D80b9c7D42F96e9570156c65D6cAAa25 is the contract address to buy SLP coin.


It is uncommon to see in-game currency listed on the crypto exchanges, and SLP is one of them. As per the Axie Infinity founders, SLP is different from other NFT tokens, and hence it has a huge potential to grow in value in the future. 

But, before investing or buying SLP, investors must check the live Slp Binance Rate PHP for a profitable investment. Moreover, you must keep checking the next big Cryptocurrency in 2021 to profit from it. So, this is just an informative guide about the token. 

What do you have to say about SLP price prediction and value? Would you mind sharing it in the comment box?

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