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Slovenski Medved Telegram: Read About The Trending Vesti News Here!

The article provides complete details about Slovenski Medved Telegram and their latest Slovenski Medved Vesti news.

Are you the person who is more interested in geopolitics? Then, do you know about the trending Slovenski Medved Telegram channel, which gained worldwide attention due to its latest news?

In this article, we will explain why this small telegram channel is going viral and what the content is about for their followers. Let us explore that in a detailed manner.

Slovenski Medved Telegram details

Solvenskil Medved is the name of the telegram channel based in Serbia. This channel was created in March 2023, but within 6 months of its creation, they have managed to attract 39000 followers on Telegram.

This pro-Russian channel was used to upload videos, posts and pictures supporting the Russian army in Serbia and criticizing the NATO and European Union peacekeeping forces.

Slovenski Medved Vesti

Here, the term “vesti” refers to news in Serbian. The reason for the trend of Slovenski Medved news is that recently, a big problem appeared in the Kosovo region. During those days, this telegram channel released news accusing café owner Mladen Perović of being a traitor for supporting journalists in Serbia.

This news attracted criticism from several journalists in Serbia, and even a European news outlet condemned the Slovenski Medved Telegram channel for being a typical pro-Russian. In addition, in that news, they have also used a derogatory term for referring to Albanians; thus, this news has attracted severe opposition from both Serbian and Albanian people.

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Who is behind Slovenski Medved and the motto of the channel?

The creator of this telegram channel has yet to be discovered; mostly, this type of channel won’t expose their real identity because it may even lead to the loss of their lives for sharing Slovenski Medved Vesti on their platform. After all, they gain more enemies from different parts of the country.

This channel is pro-Russian, and they have supported the invasion of Russia into the Ukrainian territory. They severely condemn Serbia’s membership in the European Union.

Here are the posts that get posted on the Telegram channel.

  • Priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church: Tito and Đilas determined the fate of Kosovo and Metohija.
  • NATO terrorists from Šiptar are taking seized four-wheelers and damaged vehicles from the Banjska settlement.
  • Slovenski Medved Telegram also shares real videos about Kosovo police.
  • Many Shiptar terrorists belong to the so-called Kosovo Police around the hospital.

YouTube channel

Slovenski Medved also has their own YouTube channel; even though it created a Telegram channel six months ago, they have managed to get around 1 million views within a shorter period of time. This denotes that they are getting more popular day by day because of their Slovenski Medved Vesti.

If we see the profile picture of both their telegram and YouTube channel, they kept a cute teddy wearing a military cap on its head. Even their profile picture reflects the idea behind their channel.

Social media links

Youtube: (703) Slovenski Medved – YouTube



Slovenski Medved is a small telegram channel that rose to fame by posting pro-Russian news. Many people have started to render their support, but at the same time, many Russian enemies are also targeting the Slovenski Medved Telegram channel. Thus, it’s high time for them to stay cautious and release the news carefully. And we kindly advise the readers to see their posts and news from the original channel because there are many subchannels circulating under the same name. Also watch the latest update of Slovenski Medved here, (703) Зеленски: довешћемо Европу до крајњих граница. – YouTube

Also read the article about Slovenski Medved.

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