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The article Singer Joyce Sims Cause of Death 2022 briefly explains the true facts behind the death of Joyce and her career details.

Do you have a strong preference for rhythm and blues singers? Have you heard the songs sung by Joyce Sims? If yes, you might not have failed to listen to the “come to my life” super hit song. On October 15, 2022, there is news awaited to sadden the fans of Joyce Sims, and that is her death news. Her voice reached every corner of the United States region, so her fans poured in tributes, so this article deeply covers the death of Joyce and Singer Joyce Sims Cause Of Death 2022  

What happened to her?

Joyce sims was the most popular R&B singer who died at 63, reaching the top ten in her singing career in the United States and the United Kingdom. CJ Carlos, the event organizer, who belongs to the Chelsea Football Club confirmed her death on October 15, 2022, and in a Facebook post, extended his heartfelt condolences to his family. The cause of her death is unknown and yet to be released officially by her family.

Joyce Sim’s Obituary

The death of Joyce Sims terrified many people, including many celebrities like football players and singers. Many obituary messages have circulated on the internet, including those from famous football player Stan Collymore and Happy Monday’s singer Rowetta, whom both tweeted about their memories with Joyce and paid tribute to her. While the Joyce memorial plans have not yet been made public, her family members wish to keep them private. But her death was a sudden one.


Joyce Sims was born on August 6, 1959, in the Rochester region of New York. As she had a strong passion for music, she decided to pursue her studies in music, so she studied music and different instruments in more detail. And she was also the songwriter for most of the songs. In 1986, she made her debut with the sleeping bag records music label company. Her first single, “You are my all and all,” was a huge hit.

What is the Age of Joyce Sims?

As she had born in 1959, she was 63 by this year. But unfortunately, she died at the age of 63. At the age of 20s, Joyce’s career had set up. The 1980-born people would never forget her vocals. She made her debut at the age of 27, then she was offered lots of opportunities, and before her debut, she wanted to mold herself into a self-sufficient, multi-talented vocal artist.

Details about Joyce sim’s Family

As of now, the only information available is about her spouse. And according to online sources, her husband’s name is Errol, and the couple is blessed with two children. There is no detailed information about their marriage dates or their children’s names. She seemed to be in good health, so her husband, Errol, was puzzled about her sudden death, and there was no information about her medical history.

Joyce’s Discography

Her fans felt that Joyce’s love songs were meant for her Husband. Joyce Sims’s most popular songs are listed below. These are the names of the tracks, and each track is subdivided into 7 to 8 songs.

  • All in All (1986)
  • The Journey and Lifetime Love, Come to My Life, which was released in 1987,
  • All About Love (1989)
  • Love transforms a man (1988).
  • Take caution with my heart and Looking for Love (1989).
  • All About Love (1990)
  • Who is crying now (1994)
  • His name be praised (2004)
  • What the World Needs Now (2006)

Joyce Sims’s recent  Songs And Albums List

  • I only want you (2014)
  • Love Song (2016)
  • Everybody is going through something (2020).

The popular songs “Come to My Life” and “You Are My All and All” have many versions and are released periodically. She was the writer of the songs for the Species film, which was released in 1995, and the song that got featured in the species film was the “Radio Mix Version of the Come to My Life” song.

What is the net worth of Joyce?

Because she was a well-known personality, everyone wanted to know her Net Worth 2022 According to online sources, her music and songwriting skills paid her well and were her stable source of income. Joyce Sims’ net worth was 5 million dollars. Even though she was 63 years old, she wasn’t inactive in her career. She often released her singles and performed her songs around the world. She was too young to reach the heavens, even though she was about to release her next single in 2023. There is still no update on the yet-to-be-released song.

Instagram Activity

Joyce was very active on social media. She was a popular social media influencer with 5000 followers on her Insta account, and more than 2000 followers on her Twitter handle. Joyce had her website, information about her detailed discography, her tickets, and her performance information is available on her website. And there are more posts available in the feeds of her account. She announced her latest song production details to her fans. 


Her Passed Away news was trending on the internet and currently, her social media posts are flooded with tributes from her fans. Many shared their wonderful nostalgic memories in the comment section. She was the music lady of the United States of America. Many people believe Joyce’s work will fade away because she was a popular singer in the 1980s, not the twenty-first century. But music knows no centuries or periods, and she was a living example that people may die, but their works live on. 

Singer Joyce Sims Cause Of Death 2022 :FAQs

  1. 1. What were Joyce’s final works?

She had been touring around the United Kingdom region and planned to release her next album in the coming year.

  1. Why is Joyce Sims so popular?

She was the 1980s singing queen eventually, with a powerful heart-throbbing voice and

excellent songwriting skills 

  1. What was the ranking of her first song?

Overall, the song managed to reach the top 6 positions in the United States dance chart.

  1. Which company helped her to attain self-sufficiency?

The polygram records company helped her to learn many things.

  1. 5. Joyce, How Did Die?

The cause of her death is unknown.

  1. How many children for Joyce?

She had two children.

  1. What was her last project that got released?

Joyce Sims produced the song “what would you do for love” in 2022.

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