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Simpsons Death Note UK: Find When Was It Release On Disney Plus, Also Explore How To Watch Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror 2022 Having Not It images!

This post on the Simpsons Death Note UK will guide the readers on the release time and where the Death Tome will be available.

Are you excited about the latest edition of Japanese Anime, The Simpsons Death Note? We know that some of our readers must have watched it while some are still waiting to know the exact release date Worldwide. We are here to help you to know the release date of the Simpsons Death Note UK. We want you to stay with this post till the end so that you can know everything about this anime and enjoy every part of it.

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The Simpsons: Death Note Special

The latest Japanese anime cartoon series, The Simpsons, is all set, to begin with, its latest episode. The title of this episode is Treehouse of Horror XXXIII. This has three more sections which include The Pookadook, Death Tome, and the Simpsonsworld. The death note special has been titled the Death Tome. Recently, its Death Note series has been released and it gained mass attention from the viewers. 

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 2022 Not It

The Simpsons are the most loved cartoon anime Japanese manga series. It has launched its 34th season and people are excited to watch it. This time, the episode has been titled Treehouse of Horror XXXIII. It launched its first ‘It’ parody on October 23 while the recent segment has been launched on October 30. This series is directed by Rob Oliver. The series, Treehouse of Horror XXXIII, the second season of Treehouse of Horror, is becoming more popular nowadays. Its Death Tome segment is also gaining a lot of popularity.


Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 2022 Not It

What else to know about it? There is a lot more that we can discover this season. We will share the Release Date of the Death Note here. Also, you will know where you can watch this series.

When is Death Note Special Segment releasing?

The Simpsons are coming with its 34th season and it has three segments. The death note special section has been released on October 30. The show has been premiered at 8 p.m. EST. You can watch it on all the Fox Stations. 

The first section includes an homage to Babadook. The second is death note special while the third one is Westworld Parody. All of these launched on October 30, 2022. You can also be watched on Disney+, Hulu, etc. 

How to sign up on Disney Plus?

If you want to watch the series on Disney +, then you need to purchase their monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans. It costs £7.99 per month. There are other offers if you purchase a yearly plan and can avail of discounts. After purchase, you can then log in to the account by providing all the valuable details. This is all that you need to do.


One can read all the informative details on the Death Note special, and watching details in this post. The Death Note hashtag is also trending on Twitter. 

What are your thoughts on this anime series? Have you watched it? Please share your reviews in the comment section below.

Simpsons Death Note UK: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was the death note special segment released?

Ans. It was released on October 30, 2022.

Q2. Are there any other segments released with the death note special?

Ans. Yes, along with Death Tome, two other segments were also released. These were the Pookadook and the Simpsonsworld. 

Q3. At what time these segments will air?

Ans. They were set to air at 8 p.m. EST. 

Q4. On what platforms will these anime series be released?

Ans. The series is all set to launch on all the Fox stations including Disney Plus and Hulu.

Q5. Who is the producer of the Simpsons Death Note UK?

Ans. DR Movie is the producer of this series.

Q6. Who is the director of the Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXXIII?

Ans. It has been directed by Rob Oliver. 

Q7. Who is the writer of the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII?

Ans. The series was written by Ryan Koh, Carolyn, Matt Selman, and Omine. 

Q8. What is the most special in the death note special series?

Ans. This series is a horror tale. When the first page of the anime series is opened, it has been mentioned that the person whose name is mentioned in the Death Tome will be dead.

Q9. Is the Simpsons Death Note UK worth watching?

Ans. People are showering love on this series. You can watch and can rate your experience if you liked it or not.

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