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Simon Nellist Shark Attack Video: What Happened To Simon Nellist? How Was He Attacked? Check Full Details On Footage

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What Happened to Simon Nellist?

Simon Nellist is a 35-year-old man from the United Kingdom. He became the victim of the shark attack. It was the first fatal shark attack in Sydney in 60 years. One of his friends confirmed his death on the attack. However, the police have not been able to identify the victim, and his family also did not pass any comment on his death. The authorities of Australia are looking for the huge white shark. Swimmers were prevented from swimming, and most of the beaches in the city were banned from the public. Footage of the attack is becoming viral on social media platforms, and people are trying to watch the footage. 

How was Nellist Attacked?

Nellist was a diving instructor who a huge white shark attacked. The attack took place in the Little Bay in east Sydney. Nellist was a member of the scuba diving club. He also swam regularly at the beach. A UK foreign office spokesperson stated that the authority is with the swimmer’s family, and they are trying to help the family as much as possible. The spokesperson further stated that their thoughts are with the family. 

Simon Nellist Shark Attack Video     

The video is surfacing online, and people are shocked to see the video of the attack. Although shark attack was not common in Sydney, the attack of Nellist made the people surprised. Surf lifesavers patrolled a 25 km distance. The patrolling started from east of Bondi to the south of Cronulla. They were searching for the shark. Authorities are even also taking the help of drones and helicopters. The shark experts have an idea that the white shark was huge. They got the idea from the footage of the attack. One of the witnesses took the footage of the incident. Simon Nellist Body was dragged under the water. When Simon was swimming, the shark came and attacked him.

Witnesses of the Incident

Various passers-by witnessed the incident and took footage of the incident. Some of the witnesses stated that they heard a scream and turned around. It seemed like a car had landed in the water. The shark was so huge that nobody could gather the courage to go near it. One man was fishing, standing on the rocks, and saw the shark dragging another man. It looked terrible, and the people got goosebumps. Authorities could collect the body parts from the water. Simon Nellist Shark Attack Video was so terrible that a weak-hearted person could not watch it. The local people were shocked to witness such a terrible incident. People are paying tribute to the victim. It was one of the most dangerous attacks in history.

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People are discussing the attack on Simon Nellist. He was attacked by a huge white shark when he was swimming. There were many people at the beach who witnessed the attack. They were shocked. Some of them even took the footage. To know more, please visit the link

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In Sydney.

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