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Simon Leviev Business Website {Mar} Find Release Details

This research on Simon Leviev Business Website has mentioned all the details of the story of this criminal documentary.

Are you looking for a fascinating criminal documentary? If you love watching criminal documentaries, The Tinder Swindler is an excellent documentary on Netflix gaining Worldwide attention.

This article on Simon Leviev Business Website will guide you about the real identity of Simon Leviev and what did he do with the people to earn money, and what was his business website; every detail is shared in this article.

About the Tinder Swindler

The Tinder Swindler is nothing but a criminal documentary released on Netflix on February 2, 2022. The story revolves around a man named Simon Leviev who cheated multiple women through a dating application and took millions of dollars. He deceives three different ladies and dupes them. He makes the ladies fool and traps them in his love through dating sites.

Simon Leviev Website Business

As per this criminal documentary on Netflix, Simon Leviev did nothing but defraud many ladies to fulfill his financial needs. He even made an agreement signed by these ladies to fulfill their extraordinary lifestyle. But, what was the reason to charge such a huge amount from these ladies? He wanted to open his business website to give business advice to other people. As per the reports, he has done everything to run his business and be the wealthiest businessman. He dubbed himself Simon Leviev, but his real name was Shimon Hayut. 

Furthermore, we found out about the Simon Leviev Business Coach, and we found that he was imprisoned in 2019 but came out of jail in five months, and from then, he moved out freely without any fear. 

Whom and how did he cheat women?

Simon Leviev has introduced himself to be the son of the great king of diamonds of Israel. He cheated three women who were named; Ayleen Charlotte, Cecilie Fjellhoy, and Pernilla Sjohdm. He dated these three women through a dating site and defrauded them by taking millions of dollars. He made the women believe in themselves and made them fall in his love.

Is he in jail?

Simon started his website on “Simon Leviev Business Advice“. He provided business advice to the people who wanted to become rich. He was jailed in July 2019 but was released in five months. He was sentenced to fifteen months imprisonment. And now he is living a happy and luxurious life. He is not blamed for what he has done with the women and is free of every charge. His aim seems to come true as he wants to spend a luxurious life, and he is living without any guilt in his heart.


Wrapping up our content, we hope that our research on Simon Leviev Business Website has informed you about the story, business website of Simon Leviev, and the release date of this documentary. But, still, if you want to know more about The Tinder Swindler, please go to this page.  

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