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Controversial news about Patrick Mahomes spread like wildfire from the Simon Charles Twitter account.

Do you know who Simon Charles is? Do you follow Simon Charles on Twitter? Many natives of the United States follow Simon Charles on Twitter for recent updates about sports. Simon Charles is a sports journalist who shares recent and controversial news from the sports industry.

The followers of Simon Charles eagerly wait for new updates about the sports industry. Let’s jump into the Simon Charles Twitter article to find out what Simon Charles recently shared on Twitter. 


Disclaimer: We have gathered all the information from genuine and reliable sources. We do not promote fake news.

What did Simon Charles recently share on Twitter?

On 13th February, Monday, Simon Charles shared controversial news about Patrick Mahomes. There is a rumor about Patrick Mahomes spreading like wildfire. Simon Charles tweeted on Monday that Patrick Mahomes used antidotes during halftime of a match. If you type Simon Charles Mahomes on Twitter, you can see the post of Simon Charles. 

Is the rumor about Patrick Mahomes true?

Brian McCarthy, the spokesperson for the NFL, said in a statement that the news is false. Taking antidotes in the National Football League is strictly prohibited. There is no evidence available of Patrick Mahomes using antidotes. 

Who is Simon Charles?

If anyone searches for Simon Charles NFL, they can find the Twitter account of Simon Charles. The Twitter handle of Simon Charles is @S_CharlesNFL. According to the Twitter handle of Simon Charles, he is a sports journalist, patriot beat writer, and double Ph.D. in Journalism, and female anatomy. 

Simon Charles posts satirical news about celebrities. Simon Charles has been using Twitter since 2020. But the picture that Simon Charles is using on Twitter seems fake. 

What was the reaction of ordinary people after hearing about the rumor of Patrick Mahomes Simon Charles?

Many people believed that Patrick Mahomes used antidotes during football matches. But the genuine fans of Patrick Mahomes did not believe in this rumor. Many people also claimed that Simon Charles shared fake news. You can go through our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see what ordinary people say about this rumor about Simon Charles Tweet

What other news did Simon Charles share on Twitter?

Simon Charles shared the bankruptcy news of Brittney Griner. He also shared Rihanna’s pregnancy report. There are also many tweets that Simon Charles does. But we like to inform our readers that all the tweets done by Simon Charles are fake. Many Twitter users claimed that Simon Charles Twitter account should be deactivated. 

Patrick Mahomes Wiki:

Full Name  Patrick Lavon Mahomes II
Nick Name  Patrick Mahomes 
Date of Birth  17th September 1995
Age 2023 27 years 
Birth Place  Tyler, Texas, U.S.
Education  Whitehouse High School

Texas Tech College 

Profession  Football quarterback
Nationality  American 
Religion  Christian 
Zodiac Sign  Virgo

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The Last Words:

Simon Charles’ Twitter account is a spoof account. We will request our readers not to believe such fake news. If you still have doubts, please click here to watch Patrick Mahomes’s negative antidote result video

Are you a fan of Patrick Mahomes? Please comment below. 

Simon Charles Twitter– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Did Patrick Mahomes take antidotes?

Ans. No.

Q.2 Did Simon Charles spread fake news?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 How many people follow Simon Charles on Twitter?

Ans. More than 4,500 people follow Simon Charles on Twitter.

Q.4 How many followers does Patrick Mahomes have on Instagram?

Ans. 5.3 million.

Q.5 In which NFL team Patrick Mahomes play?

Ans. Kansas City Chiefs.

Q.6 Who is Patrick Mahomes’s wife?

Ans. Brittany Mahomes.

Q.7 What is the net worth of Patrick Mahomes?

Ans. Around $40 million. 

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