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Simbuilder Roblox: Explore Complete Information On Sim City Builder Mod Apk

The article on Simbuilder Roblox has tried to cover all the essential aspects and trending details related to the topic.

Who is Roblox’s Simbuilder? What happened to Roblox’s Simbuilder? Why did Simbuilder get arrested? Are you interested to know about Simbuilder Roblox? People Worldwide are shocked to learn about the arrest of Roblox’s creator, Simbuilder. If you also want to learn more and more about this recent incident in America, read this article properly.

What Happened With Roblox’s Simbuilder?

On 9th September 2023, Mikhail Olsen, also known as Simbuilder on Robox, was arrested at Roblox’s developer conference 2023, held in San Fransico. He went there without invitation and forced his way into the conference. As per sources, he was also said to possess fire guns (concealed) and several rounds of hard-core bullets. 

Mikhail Olsen, AKA Simbuilder Arrest, has shocked people and Roblox users because, in Roblox’s gamers community, Simbuilder is a big name. He has more than 133 thousand followers on Roblox, proving that people/Roblox players know him well. 

Disclaimer: In this article, we have presented the facts about the Simbuilder’s arrest that are revealed through authentic sources only. 

More Details About Simbuilder

Mikhail Olsen is the developer of Vehicle Simulator. He developed this game in 2014 and joined the Roblox community in 2008. The vehicle simulator game has car racing and car driving actions. Simbuilder is a premium member of the Roblox community and has 220,540,000 visits on his page. His game has approximately 657,270,000 visits. And the game’s genre is City and Township. 

Simbuilder Roblox is active on his social media channels and active on Roblox. Although, other than Vehicle Simulator, he has developed The Interceptor, Turbo Havoc, Roblox World Racing, Bomb Survival, etc. But not all games are working and fully completed. Most of the games are under process.

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Reaction From Roblox Community  

Players in the community gave mixed reactions. Some were neutral about the news, but some people were upset and questioned the authorities to provide full disclosure of facts. Such as why they checked his vehicle. How did they know he had an ulterior motive and firearms, etc? Many also revealed that Mikhail hinted at attending RDC 2023 even if he was not invited. 

Sim City Builder Mod Apk Details

It is a game that helps the players to experience the world of virtual reality through their characters. In this, one can build their dream life in Sims City and make their house, business, family, etc. Sim City game is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It was first launched in 2014, and many duplicate versions of this game have been made till now. 

Social Media Presence of Simbuilder

Twitter Account:

He has more than 93 thousand followers and a verified account.

YouTube Channel:

He also has a YouTube channel with 46.9 thousand subscribers and 67 videos. Simbuilder Roblox is a popular person.

Twitter Link of Arrest News Update:

This link will land on an RBXNews verified account with the Simbuilder’s arrest news. 


In this article, we have discussed the arrest of a Roblox creator, Simbuilder, AKA Mikhail Olsen. As per sources, he reached to attend the Roblox Developer’s Conference 2023 uninvited, and then he was arrested because he had firearms and hard-core bullets in his car. Many netizens are upset over his arrest and want clarifications. He is a famous personality of Roblox’s community and gamer’s community. Simbuilder Roblox developed many games on Roblox, such as Vehicle Simulator. For more details about this incident, click here.

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