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Sigilo Org Com BR: Explore Full Information On BR Caso Auxilio Brasil Program

This research on Sigilo Org com BR will let you know about the case filed by Sigilo Org Com related to the Auxilio Brasil case. 

What is the legal action taken by Sigilo? Recently, the latest update was published online in the Auxilio Brasil case. The Sigilo Org com BR shares the information about the compensation claim to be given to people in Brazil. Here, we will share some interesting updates on the Auxilio Brasil Program and how much compensation to be given to each beneficiary. 

About Sigilo Org com BR

Sigilo Institute is an institute that helps in the protection of personal data. Last year, a case happened where the data of many people were leaked online. This case was called the Auxilio Brasil case. Around 4 million suffered damage when personal data was leaked online. The Sigilo Institute has then filed a legal action against Caixa Economica Federal. This institute helps the common people to get claims in case of any discrepancy faced by people. Now, the court has ordered Caixa to give compensation to each beneficiary. You can check the amount of compensation ahead.

Sigilo Org com BR Auxilio Brasil

As per research, Sigilo has asked the court to take legal action against Caixa after it had leaked the personal data of the public. The compensation to be paid to each beneficiary is R$15,000. The Sao Paulo court ordered to pay compensation to each member. The company went offline on October 9, 2023, in case to avoid any scams. However, they have also launched a website website to resolve the issues of the public. The portal asks for certain details of the beneficiary. However, they have requested not to share details with any fraudster or scammer.

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Sigilo Org Com BR Caso Auxilio Brasil

The Caso Auxilio Brasil platform has been launched to solve the grievances of the people. This website asks for certain details of the beneficiary who has to be paid the compensation amount. Earlier the information of the people that was leaked included facts like: 

  • Full Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Social Identification Number
  • Amount of benefit received
  • CasdSus number

These details of the public have been used by scammers to sell financial products and services like credit consigned. People should stay careful while they are sharing any information with an unknown website. This compensation has been provided to resolve Sigilo Org Com BR Caso Auxilio Brasil and is under the Federal Public Ministry’s responsibility. Now, the beneficiaries can enjoy the compensation amount. 

You need to follow certain steps to seek the compensation amount and you can explore more details related to it through its official website.


Summing up this post, we have given all the details on the Auxilio Brasil case and how much compensation is to be paid to each beneficiary. If your data was also leaked by Caixa Economica Federal, then you can apply for the compensation amount.  

What are your suggestions on the Sigilo Org com BR Auxilio Brasil? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

DISCLAIMER: We have given facts on the Auxilio Brasil case after doing in-depth research. We do not intend to target the company, but our motive is to provide information based on the trending update. It seems to be good news for the people who were the victim as their data was leaked in 2022. 

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