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Sightcast Recruiting Group Scam: Check Detailed Reviews Here!

Unveiling a sneaky scam—beware of scammers’ trap with this Whatsapp Sightcast Recruiting Group Scam Reviews! Learn how scammers target job seekers.

Who had sent my resume to Indonesia? This was the shocking question posted by Dani alongside a screenshot of a fraudulent WhatsApp message! The message posted in Spanish went viral in SpainItalyFrance, and the United States. Let’s check the Whatsapp Sightcast Recruiting Group Scam.

Uncovering the Sightcast Recruiting Group Scam:

Recently, a scam targeted Dani Kongi, a well-established social media influencer, entrepreneur, podcaster, presenter, and CEO of the Vomitona Squad. On December 4th, 2024, at 8:03 PM local time, Dani received a fraudulent WhatsApp message from an Indonesian phone number (country code 264). The message, supposedly from Abby, a recruiter consultant for Sightcast Recruiting Group, claimed they had received Dani’s job application and inquired if he was still seeking employment.

Uncovering the Sightcast Recruiting Group Scam

Upon initial inspection, Dani could easily discern the scam. The message contained grammatical errors, such as the lack of a space in ‘consultantfor’ and the absence of a period between ‘Sightcast Recruiting Group’ and ‘We have received your job application.’ 

Sightcast Recruiting Group Whatsapp Message:

Given Dani’s well-settled status and involvement in E-sports and bodybuilding, as evidenced by his social media profiles, the message seemed like a joke for his career, considering his position as the CEO of Vomitona Squad.

Rather than responding, Dani promptly shared the WhatsApp message screenshot on his verified Twitter account at 8:18 PM local time, where he boasts a substantial following of 25.9k users. The post garnered attention, receiving 6,839 views, 67 likes, one share, and a bookmark. Additionally, 16 comments ensued, including one from Ollie, who shared a similar WhatsApp message from a recruiter claiming to be from HireMinds, raising questions about how scammers obtain contact numbers.

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Details of Sightcast Recruiting Group Whatsapp:

The source of the WhatsApp message remained elusive due to the censored contact number. However, the data revealed Abby’s name to be Jane Perry, an uncommon name in Indonesia, and identified the contact as a business account. This occurrence mirrors a trend observed since mid-2023, where recruitment scams circulated through WhatsApp, falsely representing reputable firms like Joseph Chris Partners, Russell Reynolds, Edelman Public Relations, Sanford Rose Associates, and others.

Investigations revealed a consistent pattern in these scams: a lady associate introduces remote work opportunities for individuals above 22 years old. LinkedIn reviews and user feedback indicated that scammers conducted online interviews, solicited personal information for background checks, and even offered laptops/PCs from authorized vendors of the recruitment firms. 

Fake Sightcast Recruiting Group Reviews:

An e-check is immediately sent by the recruiters, advising the applicant to pay for the laptop/PC from their pocket, as encasing the check will take time. The twist, however, unfolded post-payment – applicants never received the promised equipment, and shockingly, the e-checks provided by the recruiter’s bounces!

Similar instances involved recruiters obtaining payment information for fictitious expenses like training classes, flight tickets, and hotel reservations under the guise of recruitment processes. In essence, WhatsApp messages constitute phishing attempts, aiming to extract payment data from users by masquerading them as job opportunities within reputable firms such as Sightcast Recruiting Group Reviews with positive feedback in the recruitment market.

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Sightcast Recruiting Group is an accomplished executive recruiting firm, aiding companies and candidates in securing a competitive edge in industries like construction, engineering, accounting, and finance. Established in 2005 by El Gibbens, it uses advanced technology and a determined approach to guide clients and candidates toward professional success. However, it only serves the USA and is not present in Indonesia.

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