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Shirtum Coin (Sep 2021) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

Read this content to find out the current popular and trending NFT based Crypto coin- Shirtum Coin and its features, price prediction, purchasing process.

Are you searching for a Non-Fundable Crypto Token (NFT) for investing? Then you came to the right platform as this content will give you detailed information regarding a Crypto that aims to deliver user access to exclusive ‘NFT’ collectibles in a sports world.

Shirtum Coin is one of the trending Crypto coins that has surged due to its unique concept in the Middle East and European countries like Turkey, Spain, etc. Let’s know in depth regarding its functionary, ideology, current price, trading process and more.

What is Shirtum Crypto?

Shirtum Crypto is backed up by NFT, a currently popular coin in the Crypto market. The ideology behind its creation is to build a bridge for making closer connections between the players & fans’ interaction. With the help of Shirtum blockchain technology, players share virtual memorabilia safely and securely. According to Shirtum Coin‘s official website, it is the platform of a global marketplace for virtual assets, for the clubs and players to express their experience, stories with worldwide fans and send invitations for joining. There are 4 primary components available in the platform-

  • Museums.
  • Market.
  • Fanzone.
  • Gallery.

Who has invented the Shirtum Crypto?

The team includes a number of top business people, having significant experience in technology and business development. The creator of this entire project is David Rozencwaigm. Following, the Co-founder & COO is Marc Torras, Co-founder &CMO is Jose Luiz Sanches, CTO is Juanjo Chust, and the content director is Juan Curci.

Tokenomics of Shirtum Coin:

  • Price Details: The current price is 0.421193 USD.
  • Market Cap: It is 35,602,759 USD.
  • Total Supply: The total supply is 749,491,340.
  • Explorers: It is BscScan.
  • API id: The API Id is shirtum.
  • Source Code: Source code is Github.
  • Total Cap: It is 348.1M USD.
  • Volume: 1.843M Dollars.
  • All-Time High: It is 0.510718 Dollars.
  • Circulating Supply: The supply is 84,528,367.
  • Max Supply: In order to report, it is 749,491,340.

How to trade Shitum Crypto?

To make a successful trade of Shirtum Coin, you need to follow the below steps-

  • Make a new account on Coinbase if you don’t have any. You can put the legit email ID and choose whether it is a business account or personal and follow the instruction.
  • To purchase this Crypto, you have to buy BTC or ETH on the coinbase platform. You can make a purchase request with a Credit card.
  • The next step comprises purchasing Shirtum by using BTC or ETH. To do it without any interruption, you need a Wallet ID. Follow the instructions on the platform and successfully buy this coin.

Price Prediction of Shirtum Coin:

Based on the market research, several internet companies have predicted its future price. Among them, Tesla has disclosed the price prediction of Shirtum is $0,96 in 2022, $2,19 in 2023, $4,95 in 2024, $11,23 in 2025.


  • What is the contract address of Shirtum Crypto?
  • Ans- The address is 0x7269d98af4aa705e0b1a5d8512fadb4d45817d5a.
  • Is investing in Shirtum safe?
  • Ans- Based on price prediction, the coin seems to have a bright future, and it is designed with high-end security.

Wrap Up:

It has become a global investment platform, including the Netherlands. According to the exchange platform , Shirtum Coin price is slightly low; however, different top internet companies have predicted a good future. Also, check the best apps for Crypto trending if you are new to the Crypto platform. Do you want to know more? Please ask in the comment section.

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