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Shirley Stolp Obituary: Who Was Shirley Stolp? Also Explore Her Full Wiki Details Along With Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

This article exposed Shirley Stolp Obituary and more about her childhood, achievements, and personal details.

Who is Shirley Stolp? What happened to Shirley Stolp? Shirley Stolp’s loving memory honours the life of an extraordinary woman. Shirley Stolp unexpectedly passed away on 16th April 2023 in Spokane, Washington, United States. Her sudden death has left her family, community, and friend’s heart void. Read the Shirley Stolp Obituary article to learn more about her journey.


Shirley Stolp’s Journey

Shirley Stolp’s journey was not short. It is extraordinary. Her early life started in Osaka, Japan, on 14th December 1960. She was placed in the orphanage after her birth. But destiny had a different strategy in her life. In 1963, Haidie and Shigeko Hirai couples adopted Shirley Stolp. 

They are a lovely Japanese-American couple from Washington’s Quincy. At the time of adoption, she was two years old, along with Ken, her brother. From that time, Shirley Stolp, Shirley boarded an unexpected life that left an ineffaceable mark. Let us see more Wiki details about Shirley Stolp in the below section.

Shirley Stolp’s Final Farewell

On 16th April 2023, Shirley Stolp’s passed away. Her loss left a void place in the hearts of her beloved ones and community. As per sources, Shirley was headed to death by her father and mother, Haidie and Shigeko Hirai, and left ahead of her loving partner, Douglas Stolp, and her brother, Ken Hirai. 

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Shirley Stolp’s Parents and Family

Shirley Stolp’s memory will always be memorable by her daughters. Shirley has her children and also stepchildren. Her own children’s names are Kumiko Love-Dempsey and Jenny Love. Shirley’s stepchildren are Cordon Stolp and Colleen Brosey. Her loss creates deep sorrow in her partner and children, especially her grandson. 

Shirley Stolp’s Childhood

In 1969 Shirley Stolp’s family moved to Chewelah after Haidie, her father, started a new seed potato business. Shirley appeared at Jenkins High School, Chewelah. There she settled her love for animals. Shirley Engaged in the local 4H club and acquired her first pony, a charming Shetland pony. 

She was interested in sports at a young Age. Volleyball is her favourite game. She also exposed her musical ability in the high school band. She was an extraordinary person from her childhood onwards.

Shirley Stolp’s Dedicated Career

In 1993, Shirley Stolp’s remarkable life chapter began in the Valley Store, Chewelah. After more than 30 years of firm pledge, Shirley Stolp became the longest-serving employee in the store. Customers received her sincere kindness and numerous heartfelt comments. Shirley Stolp’s kindness and commitment made her a valued person in the community.

Reconnecting with Shirley Stolp’s Roots

In 2002, Shirley’s life met an unexpected Biography. Her life turns into Asahi TV in Japan. Fascinated by her embracing story, they featured her main story on a new program. Shirley Stolp, escorted by Douglas Stolp, her husband, travelled to Japan. There she appeared on national television live program.  

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Shirley Stolp, the extraordinary woman’s death, makes deep sorrow in her loved one’s hearts. May Shirley Stolp Rest in peace. Click the link to learn her Shirley Stolp’s Funeral

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Shirley Stolp Net worth: FAQ

Q1. When was Shirley Stolp born?

14th December 1960

Q2. Where Shirley Stolp was born? 


Q3. What is her spouse’s name?

Douglas Stolp

Q4. What is Shirley Stolp’s Net worth?


Q5. What is Shirley’s Height & More?

Details are not available.

Q6. When Shirley Stolp passed away?

16th April 2023

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