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Are you aware of the Shiffa Yousafzai Video viral on online platforms? Do you know why is the video trending on internet? If not, then this article is what you need to go through. The Shiffa Yousafzai video Has been the talk of the town. The video did generate a lot of attention among people Worldwide.

In this article, we will detail about Shiffa Yousafzai Video And Mms. Read the article below.

The Shiffa Yousafzai Video And Mms become viral on online platforms:

The Shiffa Yousafzai Video And Mms become viral on online platforms

The Pakistani Anchor and host of Hum Tv starring Shiffa Yousafzai has found herself amidst controversies following her scandal videos surfacing on online platforms. The viral video has been the most discussed topic on online platforms including Tiktok. In recent times, the Pakistani Journalist starring Asad Ali Toor has shared few videos questioning on the credibility of the Hum Tv morning show host Shiffa. 

Ever since then, Shiffa has been trending throughout the Instagram and other online platforms. The video was released by the Pakistani journalist’s YouTube channel “Asas Toor Uncensored.” The link of the video has been widely buzzing on twitter and other social platforms including Youtube. Further, Asad Ali Toor also raised questions on the background of Shiffa Yousafzai calling her to be unprofessional. The news about Shiffa Yousafzai viral video trends on online platforms.

The Shiffa Yousafzai Tiktok video:

The Shiffa Yousafzai Tiktok video

Shiffa Yousafzai, the Pakistani journalist and Morning show anchor person has been in lime light after several allegations were imposed against her by the Asad Ali Toor. The video did generate a lot of attention. Shiffa Yousafzai has been the talk of the town after Asad alleged Shiffa Yousafzai calling her to be unprofessional in her work. In the Telegram video, he thereafter alleged the Hum Tv presenter to have zero knowledge about the current affairs. They just bluntly repost the news after learning it from other sources and not even giving the credit to those sources. Ever since the Twitter video went viral, it did spark major debate throughout the social platforms. Shiffa Yousafzai and the Hum Tv has been widely buzzing on internet.

Asad also alleged Shiffa Yousafzai for featuring news after taking it from different sources and not providing any credit to those sources. It was known that after legal action were taken against her for featuring such news without giving any credit. She added that the researchers did this mistakenly. Thereafter, Sultana Appa was also alleged in the Telegram video for keeping such people who have little knowledge about current affairs. Last but not the least, Asad also added that Shiffa has been provided value as she is linked to strong ministers. The news soon became viral throughout the social platforms. The Pakistani anchor person Shiffa Yousafzai trends on online platforms.

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Shiffa Yousafzai responds to the YouTube video:

Earlier Shiffa Yousafzai, the Pakistani anchor was alleged for being unprofessional in her work. Many questions were raised on her background. After learning about certain allegation, she came up with a reply. She stated that “One person’s ugly attack does not make me disillusioned.” She further added that the video was quite shocking for her. 

As the intention of the Instagram video was to spread negativity. She stated that she belongs from a good family and was brought up I n good background following the Twitter video. She pursued education from both domestic and foreign countries. At the same time, there were a lot of TV journalist who supported her during this tough time. 

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