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Shiborg Token {Nov 2021} How To Buy? Contract Address

This write-up is the advanced streaming knowledge on Shiborg Token, along with the contract address and tokenomics.

Do you know about a token that had gained the progressive outcome instantly? Are you prepared to invest in such a token? If you reply yes to this inquiry, then you must know about Shiborg Token.

This write-up explains the price and prediction for this token. It will support you in making a wise decision for investment. It had thrived as a community-driven project since it had launched.

It had expanded renowned ownership in the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Germany with its stimulating model. Let us know more below.

What is Shiborg?

Shiborg is a different currency from the fiat token, as it is somewhat present in a digital code. It is a novel experiment by society and the investors for development outlook as it stores your cryptocurrencies digitally. We can also consider it a digital software or an application to keep your Shiborg Token safely. 

Thus, we can also say that this acts as a bank as you have credited your tokens in the bank. This wallet also consists of a security key, address to send and accept all SHIBORG INU.

Price Chart 

  • SHIBORG price: $0.0000000651
  • Market Cap Value- NA.
  • Trading volume: $6,982,040 USD
  • Market Cap Dominance: Not mentioned.
  • Volume/Market Cap: Absent
  • 24hr low / 24 hr high: $0.0000000186 / $0.0000000657
  • 7d low / 7day high: $0.000000000/ $0.00000000
  • All-time high: $0.0000000
  • All-time low: $0.0000000
  • Market Cap Rank: Absent
  • Price changes in 24 hours: 163.87%.
  • Circulating Supply: NA

Founder: Shiborg Token

After researching, we only found that the developer of this token is KYC Doxxed. So we can also consider that the founders of this token are questionable as no accurate and proper details are available about the owners of this Coin.


Before understanding the method to purchase and sell this token, we would like to enlighten the tokenomics of this token. It ranks 2840, as per the research. Tokenomics for the Coin is listed below.

  1. As per the research, we found the hourly rise is 7.45%.
  2. The weekly upsurge for Shiborg Token found is 0%, as per the last opening value.

How to get access?

  • On the internet, search for the SHIBORG INU wallet app, and tap for the access option.
  • Select your desired wallet in which you like to get SHIBORG INU
  • If you want to receive this token as cash, remember to select the BCH wallet, or you can also choose SHIBORG wallet.
  • Now, the address is being generated by the wallet. 
  • You will get tokens at this address.
  • Use this address for the Shiborg Token exchange or share it with any person you want to get tokens.


Let us go through some FAQs. 

Q1) What is the contract address of Shiborg? 

A1) 15abg1Wrsay3VeLbU2LoK4cdbQUW5uG93U.

Q2 ) Is there any social media presence for this token?

A2) No, we have not found any social media presence for this token.

Final Thoughts:

This community-driven project is an active exchange presently. It had raised its profit with the support of its community.  But, still, we advise you to take experts’ advice before investing.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on Shiborg Token in the comment section below. Additionally, you can also get more details by clicking this link  to receive regular updates.

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