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{Updated} Shanquella Robinson Business: Check Latest Updates On Shaquana Robinson’s Case, and Her Fight Video!

In Shanquella Robinson Business, we will talk about how she died, what happened there, the fresh update in this case, and more.

Do you know about the mysterious death of Shanquella Robinson? Are you aware of how she died? People Worldwide are talking about her death and the mysteries surrounding how she died. Shanquella Robinson, aka Quella, was a 25 years old businesswoman who died suddenly while on a vacation trip with her friend.

Do you know what the fresh news is in this matter? If not, we are here to guide you through the post-Shanquella Robinson Business; let’s discuss.

How did Shanquella Robinson die- the Death cause?

The matter is under investigation of how she died and what happened to her when she reached Cabo, Mexico, with her close friends.

Shanquella’s friend called the doctor on October 29, but he arrived late. Later, when the doctor came, it was reported that her pulse was weak and she was dehydrated. Within 3-4 hours, she was declared dead.

But after the video footage went viral on the internet, the matter became highlighted. In the video, we can see Shanquella was brutally beaten by her friend. Shanquella Robinson Fight Record video shows the person who is recording asking Quilla to fight back. However, we do not know the date and time, so it is still unclear if she died after an assault.

Where was the investigation reached in this matter?

When Quella’s mother does not believe her friends’ words, she contacts the FBI. She brings the dead body that her friends left in the villa. The autopsy report was completely different than what her friends said. The reason mentioned in the death certificate of Shanquella Robinson was a broken neck and cracked spine and not liquor poisoning.

Meanwhile, Shaquana Robinson Video where her friend assaulted her went viral on social media. After this news break in the media the matter is being investigated in the name of the “death of a foreigner.”

Based on suspicion, charges were filed against a woman on November 25.

Shanquella Robinson’s family, parents, marriage, and more:

Shanquella was born in the year 1997 in an African- American family in North Carolina. Salamandra Robinson and Bernard Robinson is her mother’s and father’s name. She was not married and finished her graduation from Winston-Salem State University.

Shanquella Robinson Business- about her work

She was a successful businesswoman who ran Exquisite Boutique and a kid’s Hair braiding and styling shop. Her Instagram account has nearly 46 thousand followers.

Shanquella wikipedia, Biography, Personal Life:

Real Name/ Full Name Shanquella Robinson 


Date of Birth 1997 born
Age 25 years when she died
Profession Businesswoman at The Exquisite Boutique
Nationality American
Birthplace Charlotte, NC
Education Graduated from Winston Salem State University
Zodiac Sign Not known
Boyfriend NA

Shanquella Robinson Business and social media accounts:

People want justice for Shanquella and thus talk about her on various social media channels. 


It has been a month since Shanquella died. Charges were filed against one of the suspects, but no one has been arrested to date. A hashtag for justice for Shanquella is trending. You can watch the updated information in this case through the clip.

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Shanquella Robinson Business – FAQS

1 – What does Shanquella Robinson do for a living?

Shanquella was a successful businesswoman. She used to run a woman’s boutique store and used to do kids’ hair-braid store.

2  – How old was Shanquella Robinson when she died?

She was only 25 years old when she died.

3 – What happened to Shanquella?

Shanquella Robinson never came back from vacation, as she died within 24 hours she reached there.

4 – How did she die?

The death reason is under investigation as the autopsy report says she died within 15 minutes of the assault.

5 – What is the reality behind the viral video clip based on Shanquella Robinson Business?

Quella’s friend said that the viral clip circulated was taken, and Shanquellla and one of her friends kept fighting. But we cannot say if it is taken on the death day.

6 – What are the names of Shanquella’s friends who went there?

Shanquella and her best friend Khalil Cooke went outstation with other members to celebrate one of the members’ birthdays. Other friends are Daejhanae Jackson, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, Nazeer Wiggins, and Malik Dyer.

7 – When did Shanquella die?

She died on October 29, 2022.

8 – What is her mother’s name?

Her mother’s name is Salamondra Robinson.

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