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Shanda Vander Ark Son Pictures: Check Complete Details On Her Children, Timothy, And Text Messages

In this article, we deliver Shanda Vander Ark Son Pictures and her reaction, Shanda Vander Ark Son Timothy‘s death details, and her other Children‘s photos. 

Have you seen Shanda Vander Ark’s Son Timothy’s photos? What happened to her son? Shanda Vander Ark, the woman who was accused of brutalizing her teen son to death, has a medical issue in the United States. She reminded that her son’s murder trial continues, and juries are waiting for her testimony. Read Shanda Vander Ark Son Pictures article to learn detailed information about her son’s murder and more.

Shanda Vander Ark Son Pictures

Shanda Vander Ark was accused of the brutal death of her young son. Shanda Vander, a 44-year-old lady, erected a trial suspect of torturing Timothy. He was her 15-year teen son. Timothy Ferguson’s body was found at their home in Michigan Norton Shores.  

Timothy Ferguson Photos

Timothy Ferguson, the young teen boy, was tortured by his mother and brutally killed. As per sources, his mother urged him to drink hot sauce and take 9-hour ice baths. Continue reading for detailed information about the young boy’s murder case with photo proofs.

Timothy Ferguson Photos

Shanda Vander Ark Son Timothy

A killer mom, Shanda Vander Arkvomited in court after seeing the images of her shrunken son whom she ravenous to death were shown to the lady.

Shanda Vander Ark erected trial accused of torturing her 15-year teen son Timothy Ferguson. She brutally murdered her son at their home in Michigan Norton Shores. During the murder case hearing before her embarrassed verdict, Shanda Ark Muskegon County room deputy prosecutor Matt Roberts exposed pictures of Timothy’s body to the jury and mum. She vomits in the court after seeing her emaciated son’s photo, whom she starved to death.

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Shanda Vander Ark Children

Shanda Vander has five biological kids. Paul, Timothy, a boy mentioned in the courtroom as G. He was eight at the time of Timothy’s death. Shanda also has Nolan, an elder son who is now 23. She has a girl child, Millie, and she is 19-year-old. She studies college in Oklahoma.

Shanda Vander Ark Children

Muskegon County Court 

The pictures of Timothy caused her mother and the murderer to put her hand over her mouth immediately. She coughed numerous times before huddling over while on the spectator stand. The Muskegon County Court jury considered just above and details shared on Reddit an hour before sentencing her of first-degree murder.

Muskegon County Court 

Teen Boy’s Death

An autopsy report determined the teenage boy died from starvation and hypothermia symptoms. The medical examiner labeled the boy’s death a homicide. Shanda Vander Ark faces obligatory life in jail when she is condemned on January 29. The brutal mother proximately put her hand over her mouth and coughed, hunching over pictures that were presented to her.

The killer’s mom, Shanda Vander Ark, vomits in the courtroom when she grasps photos of her emaciated son, whom she starved to death. The day before Timothy’s death, Text Messages shared, he was forced into an ice bath for nine hours and forced to drink hot sauce. 


Shanda Vander Ark was accused of the torture death of her young teen son. She had a health issue and is not in the courtroom as her homicide trial continues. She vomits after seeing her gruesome Photos of Dead Son. Click the link for more updated details.

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