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Sgb Token Price (Sep 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares market analysis, statistics, and live Sgb Token Price for worldwide investors.

A new blockchain infrastructure has been developed to deliver unlimited possibilities for the distribution of mobile applications. It is referred to as SubGame, the public chain development platform based on Polkadot Para Chain.

The platform focuses on developing a robust public chain with the attributes of cross-chain interoperability. The platform focuses on developing game apps and designing different application scenarios to deliver a standard common chain industry. 

The platform has many users in the United States and the United Kingdom. Now other investors are attracted to the platform and want to know the Sgb Token Price.  

What is Sgb Token?

Sgb Token is the native utility token used on the platform of SubGame. SubGame is the platform focused on creating future value interconnection networks using the Substrate blockchain framework as the primary technology. It adds high-performance database architecture and utilizes the new system architecture to enhance resource inefficiency.

The platform focuses on combining the private and cloud hybrid storage technology with the Cryptographic dual encryption system to safeguard users’ database, security, and privacy. The platform is focused on developing multiple applications with a complete technical architecture.

Its popularity has attracted many investors who want to know the Sgb Token Price before investing in the native token.       

Who Founded Sgb Token?

Sgb is the grant of a project that is backed and supported by the Web3 Foundation Grants Program. As per the official webpage, the platform organizer is Greg Wang. Full Stack Developer is Shanfeng Xie, ZheSheng is the Front End Developer, QiangKai is the Full Stack developer, and Eden Liu is the Operations Direction. 

The token has over 260 holders worldwide, and it has recorded around 270 transfers to date.

What is the Live Sgb Token Price, Market Cap, and Supply?

  • As per the database on Coinmarketcap.com, the live market value of SGB is $3.07. It has registered a decline of 0.22% in the past one day. 
  • The highest trading volume of the token registered in the past one day is $4 125 322, and there is a hike of 0.03% in the trading volume in the past one day. 
  • There is no data available on the market capitalization of SGB coin. However, the fully diluted market cap of the token is $1 532 847 534.51. The live market ranking of the token is #2796 based on the live Sgb Token Price and market cap.
  • The total circulating supply of the token is not disclosed. However, the highest circulating supply available is 500 000 000 SGB coins.     

Methods to Purchase Sgb Token

  • Sign-up with any digital wallet you trust and add supported currency
  • Now you need to connect your digital wallet to your desired exchange and transfer the funds
  • Search for the token using the contract address (0x4b4eb5c44d50bfd44124688c6754633f7e258b01)
  • Browse the live value of the token and ensure checking the Sgb Token Price
  • Choose the amount of token you desire to purchase
  • Set the required slippage for the token and click on the “Swap” button 


Q1. What is the Site of SGB?

A1. The official site of the token is https://www.subgame.org/#/

Q2. What Contract Address to Use for SGB?

A2. Investors must use 0x4b4eb5c44d50bfd44124688c6754633f7e258b01 to buy the token.

Q3. What is the Last Known Value of SGB?

A3. At the time of writing, the last known value of the token is $3.07.


SubGame is an innovative platform with many mobile app development projects backed and supported by Web3 Foundation. The Sgb Token Price has registered major fluctuation, and it is urged that all investors check the live price before investing.  

It is available for trading on major exchanges with the ticker symbol SGB. But don’t forget to have a look at the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 before jumping into the crypto market. 

How many SGB coins you have purchased? Would you mind sharing the profit you made out of it below in the comment box?

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