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SFO To PHP {Oct} Chart, How To Buy? Contract Address

Want to capture the details of SFO to PHP tokens? Read the content and know-how this token will offer rewards and free coins to its investors.

Do you want to invest in the crypto coin that focuses on presenting potential projects to its investors? If so, then today’s article will surely benefit you as we give the details of Sunflower finances that hold a unique project.

We are well aware that the introduction of the new tokens has brought a huge impact on the Philippines. In turn, people are quite curious to spend their money on purchasing crypto that can offer long-term benefits.

So, if you also want to add $SFO in your wallet, let’s explore all the details of this coin and capture the current price of SFO to PHP.

What is SFO?

Sunflower Finances is a project made on the Binance Smart Chain that develops funds for creating a potential project, namely Seed Tank. The platform aims to develop the largest technology ecosystem on the BSC network and make SFO a top-ranked token worldwide.

Apart from focusing on the seed tank, Sunflower Finances have offered many other methods for investments. By doing seed farming, the users can earn profits, participate in referral programs to gain rewards and many more.

However, before knowing the price of SFO to PHP, let’s try to figure out the details of its founders.

Founders of the SFO

By researching the official website, we could not pin out any details of the coin’s founders. Thus, we recommend the investors wait for a while to know about the CEO and other team members. The platform has the vision to make SFO crypto the first ranked coin in the DEFI sector in one year.

Moreover, they have offered safe trading platforms for the users to make it easy for them to access the token.

SFO Token – Price Chart

  • Price – $0.00008261220541
  • SFO to PHP price – unavailable
  • Volume – $713,866
  • Market cap value – $1585314
  • Total supply – 19,084,718,675 SFO
  • Holders – 4763 addresses
  • Type – BEP-20 token
  • Circulating supply – 19475084820 SFO
  • Contract address – 0x3295fde99976e6b6b477e6834b2651a22deb1dd7
  • All time high – $0.000125
  • Trading pairs – 3

Live Price of SFO Token

The SFO is currently available at $ 0.00007967. The value of the crypto is high to 69% from the last 24 hours. Moreover, the coin has a liquidity of $9285. The SFO crypto holds the rank of 2935 by offering exchanges at two different platforms.

Price Prediction of SFO to PHP token

The crypto forecasting platforms have not shared any details of the future predictions. So, we are not sure whether it will prove as a good investment in the coming years or not. Moreover, no details of the one-week prediction of SFO are available till now.

How to buy the SFO token?

The coin is available on Pancakeswap, so you easily trade and purchase.

  • Use Metamask or Trustwallet to begin the transaction.
  • Go to DApps and search for Pancakeswap
  • Before moving forwards, do check the live price of SFO to PHP.
  • Now, connect your wallet.
  • Enter the amount to be exchanged.
  • Set the slippage and swap to add a coin to your wallet

So, by following these simple steps, you can easily access the coin and to remain updated with the latest tweets of the platform, don’t forget to check the Twitter account of Sunflower finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are free SFO tokens available?

    Yes, you can get free tokens via referral programs.

  • What is the official website?



Winding up the article, we shared the details of SFO to PHP with you. Since its future price prediction is unknown, we recommend you wait and learn the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long-Term.

What are your views about the project of SFO? Comment and share with us.

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