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SFO Coin {Oct} Token Price, Market Supply, How To Buy?

This article describes a Decentralized finance-based token and its features to investors, miners, and farmers to gain more tokens. Read about SFO Coin.

Are you looking to invest your capital in cryptocurrencies? If so, you must be aware of the recent innovations in the crypto community in normalizing and simplifying the investing process so that a person new to this space can also understand easily.

Investors, traders and miners from Thailand, Vietnam and the United States, are highly looking for the investment or trading opportunity to create substantial wealth from cryptos. Read this article based on the research and analysis made about SFO Coin.

About Sunflower Finance Token

The project on this token is focused on developing a tremendous technological ecosystem that helps create development funds for good potential projects using Seeds Tank. Furthermore, this token is wholly based on decentralized finance technology, making it more impactful in the future.

This project is also completely based on the BSC system. The main objective is to render SFO based upon sunflower.org to a top level within a year. The users can follow different methods and are permitted to choose from their suitable technique. This may vary according to the return generated.

SFO Coin

  • The users can invest in the funds for the financial projects with high potential to give profits in future. This process is being done through Seeds Tank.
  • The other facility is that helps the traders to trade the BEP-20 pairs.
  • Using the Saving option, the investor or trader can save other crypto tokens that enable the users to earn more SFO.
  • Framing is another method that helps to earn. An amount of transaction fees is distributed among the farmers.
  • Referral programs also can be used to get high rewards.

Market Capitalization

  • Current market price of SFO Coin: $0.0001104
  • 24h Low: $0.00008362
  • 24h High: $0.0001295
  • 24h trading volume: $2,211,853.75
  • Market rank: 2855
  • Fully diluted market cap: $5,719,471.00
  • ATH: $0.0001295
  • ATL: $0.00008362
  • Maximum Supply: 50,000,000,000 SFO

Founders and Investors

No details regarding the founders, investors and team are available from the official website. However, if any update is made, it’ll be added with the future articles on the same topic.

How to buy it?

  • SFO tokens can be purchased using PancakeSwap. This decentralized trading platform allows users to buy tokens from different pools according to available market prices.
  • The user needs to install the trust wallet app first. Read more on SFO Coin.
  • While selecting the trust wallet, make sure to choose a trusted wallet like the Trust wallet.
  • After setting up the trust wallet, the user needs to connect it with the PancakeSwap to continue the transaction.
  • The trust wallet should be loaded with enough cryptos to do a smooth transaction through the wallet.
  • Initially, the user needs to transfer primary cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH or BNB to activate the account. This token can be later exchanged with the coin you need to buy.


Q1: What are the main products provided to its users?

A1: The main products provided by SFO Coin include seeds Framing, saving scent, exchange, seeds tank, lottery and various NFT games.

Q2:  How is SFO distributed?

A2: 600,000,000 SFO are provided for referral rewards, 5,000,000,000 SFO for airdrops, farmers are given with 6,000,000,000 SFO, in which one-third is locked, saving scent has 5,700,000,000 SFO, seeds tank is given with 5,500,000,000 SFO and developers get 14,000,000,000 SFO.


Decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies will change the face of average traditional finance and help build a better global financial system. Visit this link to know more about this above-mentioned topic.  

Have you tried to generate income using finance project-based cryptos similar to SFO Coin? If yes, kindly comment below your valuable opinion about this topic.

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