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Sff To PHP (Jan 2022) Coin Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Have you gained the exact converted numerical figure of Sff to PHP? If not, then stick to this write-up to get additional hints.

Do you want to collect more profit by planting a token? Then, if it looks attractive and exciting for you, you must read this composition. 

The traders of the Philippines are very curious to know about the token which will reward traders for harvesting mine tokens; thus, they are questing for more details of it. Therefore, this write-up will hold the complete information of the SFF token that is gaining much attention. 

In addition, we will also debate over Sff to PHP converted value in the article. 

What Is Sunflower Farmers Game?

It is a play-to-earn game where the farmers or users will harvest their tokens to generate a reasonable amount for the future. In addition, the game holds an in-built supply mechanism that monitors tokenomics. 

The platform aims at producing more profit to early birds with fine gaming skills than others. But its total supply value is inversely proportional to the rewards earned. So let us shift our way to determine the platform’s founders before finding the conversion value of Sff to PHP

Contributors Enrolled 

The platform has talented people, including 

  • Romy Furtado, Spencer Dezart-Smith: Front-end engineer. 
  • Victoria M.: Community Assistance.
  • Adam Hannigan: Solution Architect. 

Moreover, these volunteers improve the Metaverse future to benefit their users. 

How To Play The Game? 

You have to link to the Polygon Network to be eligible for enjoying and earning NFTs from the game on the platform. In addition, firstly, you have to grant $0.1 MATIC to any of the charities mentioned. Also, mining fees are required to maintain the farm’s equilibrium and the converted value of Sff to PHP

What More Does The Platform Offer?

  • Fully Ownership: You can do whatever you want by the token; thus, you can trade them to your friends for benefit. Moreover, you can also sell those NFTs on OpenSea. 

Extra Reward Collection: If you hold the token for three days, you can earn exclusive rewards by unlocking the chests. With the tokens, you can also reveal crafted items, collectables and rare NFTs. 

In the next section, we will list the exchange of SFF tokens to the Philippines Peso. 

Conversion Of Sff to PHP

SFF Philippines Peso
1 57.44
10 574.44
20 1148.88
50 2872.20

Real Cost Of SFF

As of writing this article, we have learned that the token’s live price is ₱57.44 with 1,088,020 total supply value. 

Market Trends 

  • The token’s volume within 24 hours is ₱143,616,343
  • SFF’s market rank is #3054
  • ₱295.89 is the token’s all-time high value. 
  • Token’s market cap value is ₱57,443,941,178
  • The token’s total supply is 1,088,020, which will give you an estimate of Sff to PHP values. 
  • The token’s all-time low value is ₱48.79

The Preferable Exchanging Medium

You can buy and trade SFF tokens through MEXC and QuickSwap. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the Accession Link To SFF?

A1. The URL is https://sunflower-farmers.com.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of This Crypto?

A2. Its contract address is 0xdf9b4b57865b403e08c85568442f95c26b7896b0. However, if you want to detect the token’s live price, visit here. 

The Final Talk 

In the article, we have mainly described the Sunflower Farm Token and the converted values of Sff to PHP. Also, this write-up has unlocked the statistical figures of the token to inform and estimate its worthiness. In addition, the MEXC and QuickSwap are the active exchange medium for this token. 

Are you aware of the token’s mechanism in detail? If yes, then put your opinion in the box provided. Also, you may find the Best Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading here.

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