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Sergio Castilla Garriguella Cause Of Death: Details On Incident Of Peralada Football, Vilajuiga

In this article, we deliver Sergio Castilla Garriguella Cause of Death, the tragic incident of Peralada football details, and the unfortunate event of Vilajuiga‘s death.

Who is Sergio Castilla Garriguella? How did the tragic incident happen? Sergio Castilla Garriguella is a football player from Spain. The entire soccer world is in grief for the heart-breaking accident involving Sergio Castilla, his son Garriguella, and their friend Oussama el Asri. Read Sergio Castilla Garriguella Cause of Death article to get detailed information about Sergio Castilla Garriguella’s accident and the causes of his death. 

Sergio Castilla Garriguella Cause of Death

In a shocking accident in Palau-saverdera, the football community mourns the loss of Castilla. He was the player from Juvenil. Sergio Castilla Garriguella’s father, Sergio Castilla, and their friend Oussama el Asri died in the incident. This disastrously deeply wedged the supportive soccer community.

Sergio Castilla Garriguella Cause of Death

Where was the incident happened?

The horrible accident happened on the last day of the year, which was New Year’s Eve. The accident occurred on GIV-6103 road, resulting in their automobile vehicle overturning at 0.5. Kilometre. Read about Sergio Castilla Peralada in the further section.

Emergency services quickly responded after the accident, including fire brigades and transit patrols, but they couldn’t be saved. The road was closed until late at night.

Where was the incident happened

Who was Sergio Castilla?

Sergio and David were living in Vilajuïga. They had strong associates with Peralada football. Sergio Castilla was a club sponsor. David was playing for Juvenil, and Sergio Castilla was supporting the Empordà Sports Club. Oussama was a friend of Roses. He played for the youth team of Club de Futbol Base Roses. The entire football community, clubs, and the Vilajuïga town are offering support to the inconsolable families during this sad time. 

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Sergio Castilla Vilajuiga

The football community is deeply distressed by the sad accident that took the lives of David Castilla, his dad, Sergio Castilla, and their friend Oussama el Asri. This heart-breaking event had a significant impact on the Empordà football community. 

The football community and Serigo’s family are struggling to cope with the sudden loss of these beloved ones. Their death news has shocked everyone in the football community.

David was a talented football player, and Sergio supported the football club. Oussama made significant contributions to the football association. Their associates to Peralada football, Club de Futbol Base Roses show, and the Empordà Sports Club, how much they meant to the football community. Sergio Castilla Garriguella Cause of Death has happened due to a vehicle accident. People are joining together to show their support and consideration to the families during this difficult time.

Sergio Castilla Obituary

The football community, including teammates, clubs, and supporters, is offering its genuine condolences to the families affected by this unexpected tragedy. 

People are showing their love because they feel a solid connection to Sergio, David, and Oussama. Their impact on the football game will be evoked, and they will always be a part of the football community they care so much about. The tragic loss of these three individuals reminds me of the delicacy of life. Though, it also reinforces the significance of support, community, and resilience in the face of adversity. 

Sergio Castilla Obituary

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The unexpected death of the three individuals, Sergio, David, and Oussama, worries the entire football community. Click the link to get detailed information about Sergio Castilla Garriguella’s death and more.

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