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Serge Varlay LinkedIn: How Blackrock Connected with Him? Find Latest Twitter & Reddit Updates Now!

Let’s delve into the recent video featuring Serge Varlay and discuss his Serge Varlay LinkedIn account and the surrounding discussions. 

Do you ever think about how big finance companies might try to control people and politicians? Well, something really surprising happened recently! An undercover journalist secretly recorded a recruiter from BlackRock, a super big company in the United States that manages money. 

This recruiter said that some parts of the finance industry give bribes to regular people and politicians. Can you believe it? This news has shocked everyone! Hence, urging people to look for Serge Varlay LinkedIn account. 

Let’s learn more about what happened and how it affects all of us.


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LinkedIn account of Serge Varlay 

A journalist named James O’Keefe recently released a video on 20th June 2023 that has everyone talking. It exposes a recruiter named Serge Varlay at Blackrock Inc., a famous investment company.

Varlay made wrong claims about the company, like corruption, bribery, and even encouraging wars between Russia and Ukraine. Serge Varlay deleted his LinkedIn account, but it’s back now. However, there is profile picture in it and Blackrock moderators declined the request sent to this account for further comments on this matter.

Who is Serge Varlay?

  • Serge Varlay is an employee at BlackRock, a significant investment management company.
  • He studied at Baruch College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English literature.
  • Before joining BlackRock, he worked at AIESEC United States and completed an internship at Brant Publications.
  • Serge Varlay joined BlackRock in May 2022 as a technology recruiter, according to Serge Varlay LinkedIn account.
  • Serge Varlay also gained experience as a freelance digital content coordinator at Lindblad Expeditions and worked as a recruiter at Deutsche Bank.
  • He has worked in talent acquisition roles at Morgan Stanley and Citadel Securities.

What was Serge Varlay’s role in Blackrock Firm?

Serge Varlay has an essential job at BlackRock as a technology recruiter. He helps the company find and choose the best candidates for technology jobs. Serge’s role is to look at people’s skills and experience, interview them, and assist with the hiring process. 

Serge’s main goal is to ensure BlackRock has the right people for their technology team. This is significant because having the right team is crucial for the company’s success. People on Reddit have been talking about Serge and his role.

About Black Rock Company

  • BlackRock is a multinational investment management corporation.
  • They founded it on January 18, 1988.
  • A group of partners, including Larry Fink, established the company.
  • Larry Fink serves as the CEO of BlackRock.
  • The company offers various financial products and services, including mutual funds, ETFs, and institutional investment management.
  • The firm considers sustainability and social impact alongside financial performance.
  • BlackRock has a global presence and serves individual investors, institutions, and governments.

People on Twitter discuss BlackRock, a multinational investment management corporation, and its offerings, sustainability focus, and global presence. Let us understand further details in the upcoming section.

How is BlackRock leading in Investing for a Better World?

  • BlackRock is the world’s most significant investment and asset Management Company, overseeing more than $9.5 trillion globally.
  • They prioritize “Environmental, Social, and Government standards” (ESG) investing and position themselves as industry leaders.
  • ESG investing focuses on initiatives such as fighting climate change and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Blackrock CEO Larry Fink believes that capitalism can drive positive change through mutually beneficial relationships.
  • ESG investing is gaining popularity and holding companies accountable for their performance in these areas.

Who is James O’Keefe? 

James O’Keefe, a well-known journalist, released bombshell footage of Serge Varlay, a recruiter from Blackrock. Since then, people have been looking for James O’Keefe’s personal and professional details. Let us dive to get it now.

  • Full name James Edward O’Keefe III
  • Date of birth: 28th June 1984
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Birthplace: New Jersey, United States
  • Education: B.A in Philosophy
  • University: Rutgers University
  • Profession: Journalist, activist
  • Organization: O’Keefe Media Group, Project Veritas Action, Project Veritas.
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian

Serge Varlay LinkedIn account gained attention through James O’Keefe’s recent video. James, a renowned journalist and activist, brought attention to important issues through this recent video featuring Serge Varlay. Curiosity about Serge Varlay has led people to search for more information online.

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To wrap it up, the recent video by journalist and activist James O’Keefe featuring Serge Varlay has made people curious about Serge’s LinkedIn account. James shed light on important matters through this video, leading to discussions and online searches about Serge Varlay.

What are your thoughts after watching the video? Please share with us in the comments. 

Serge Varlay LinkedIn –FAQ

Q1. Is the video by James O’Keefe featuring Serge Varlay available to watch? 

 Yes, the video by James O’Keefe featuring Serge Varlay is available for viewing.

Q2. Did Serge Varlay know about the recording?

It is unclear whether Serge Varlay was aware of the recording made by James O’Keefe.

Q3. Where can I find Serge Varlay’s LinkedIn account? 

You can find Serge Varlay’s LinkedIn account by searching for it on the LinkedIn platform.

Q4. Why are people searching for Serge Varlay’s LinkedIn account?

People are searching for Serge Varlay’s LinkedIn account to gather more information about his professional background and connections.

Q5. What is ESG investing?

ESG investing focuses on initiatives such as fighting climate change and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Q6. How does Larry Fink believe capitalism can drive positive change? 

Larry Fink believes that capitalism can drive positive change through mutually beneficial relationships.

Q7. Did Serge Varlay delete his LinkedIn account?

Reportedly, Serge Varlay deleted and subsequently restored his LinkedIn account.

Q8. What are people saying about Serge Varlay on social media platforms?

People on social media platforms discuss Serge Varlay’s involvement in the video and share their opinions and thoughts about his claims.

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