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Serbian Dancing Killer: Is The Lady Real Face Available On Reddit? Check Now!

This article provides information on the Serbian Dancing Killer and tells the readers about the untold facts about the trending video.

Do you want to know about the updates related to the Serbian Dancing lady? A video is getting viral on the Internet where a lady in white clothes is dancing on the streets at midnight, and people Worldwide called it a Serbian dancing killer

If you are looking for facts related to the Serbian Dancing Killer, check out the article until the end. 


Who is a Serbian dancing lady?

There’s a myth circulating on the Internet that if you see a Serbian lady dancing on the road at midnight, you should run. The incident happened four years back when a person recorded the Serbian lady who ran behind the person that interacted with her. 

Is the video available on Reddit?

The video was first viral on the TikTok platform, and now it is available on different platforms like Reddit, YouTube and more. However, people say they should be cautious while interacting with the lady as she can hurt them with a knife.

Another user uploaded a video where a Serbian lady wasn’t chasing anyone with a knife but dancing creepily in the streets. There’s little information about her online, as no one knows her real identity.

Is the Serbian Dancing lady real?

The story was first viral in 2019 and spread Worldwide. The Internet has no clue about Siberian Lady Real Face, and no one knows how they look. Some people believe it is related to an urban legend, but others think it is a prank. 

Therefore, everyone believes it is a hoax video made to gain followers and views on the channel. Many users tried to copy the same concept and make a video in their version, but there’s no news about the Serbian dancing lady. 

The history behind the Serbian dancing lady

A Serbian dancing lady is seen at the intersections of Belgrade and Serbia. Serbian Dancing Killer attacks anyone who comes close to her with a knife and chases the person. It is believed that the lady was first seen near the city hospital. 

She danced in the middle of the street, and some teenagers recorded the whole scene. When police went to the place for investigation, they couldn’t find any clues as to why the lady disappeared. 

Some facts about the Serbian dancing lady

  • Her dance moves are similar to the famous Serbian folk Kola.
  • She carries a knife in her hand and attacks the person whom she sees or hears.
  • Serbian Dancing Killer face isn’t revealed in any video recording. 
  • She always wears white clothes and comes at midnight.

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Final Words 

The Serbian dancing lady is a hoax video, and no concrete evidence states that she exists in real life. Check here for more information.

Do you believe in the Serbian dancing lady? Please comment below.

Serbian Dancing Killer– FAQs

1: What is the name of the Serbian dancing lady?

A: Mira.

2: When did the video of the Serbian dancing lady go viral?

A: In 2019. 

3: Where can the users find the Serbian dancing lady?

A: There’s no specific address mentioned anywhere on the Internet.

4: What does the dancing lady look like?

A: She is covered in white clothes and dances differently.

5: Did the police take any action against the video?

A: No information is mentioned. 

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