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Our research on SEO Won Jeong Viral Video Reddit will let you know about the viral video of Seo on Instagram.

Did you know Seo Won Jeong? Who is this famous personality? The recent reports on Joeng have been popularizing and fans are looking for updates on SEO Won Jeong Viral Video Reddit. The reports have shocked the fans as his fans in Indonesia, India, and the United States could not believe anything like the recent updates. In this article, we will cover the latest updates on the viral video of Jeong so that they can know why this man is trending all over the globe. 

About SEO Won Jeong Viral Video Reddit

As per the recent reports, Jeong, popularly referred to as Ox Zung on his social accounts has been accused of assaulting a woman who was intoxicated. The reports started trending after he was taken into custody and he was not alone but another man was also arrested for the same accusation. It was revealed in online sites that they have been facing this accusation since July and he remained unseen since July from his social media accounts. A blurred video surfaced through media in which he can be seen taken for custody but his fans recognised him and said he was Jeong.

SEO Won Jeong Instagram

As per sources, we tried to seek an account of Jeong on Instagram. Moreover, many online sites revealed that he remained absent from many online social media platforms on which he was once very active. His last post on his social media account was posted on July 22, 2023, and since then he has disappeared from social media. Moreover, when we tried to seek the official account of Jeong on Instagram, we could not find his official account but there were some posts on Instagram shared by other users. The exact details of his account are unknown and when he will be back is still unknown. Moreover, SEO Won Jeong Viral Video Reddit can be accessed online but many sites have removed this video because of the privacy concerns of the popular star.

SEO Won Jeong Instagram

More details on this case! 

The facts published on the online sites revealed that Jeong who is a popular face on social media has been accused of physically assaulting a woman. He was with his friend and the woman was intoxicated. They assaulted the lady and they took her to a friend’s home. They made a video of the lady and kept on assaulting her until she regained consciousness. Moreover, this matter did not remain behind the curtains, but it was highlighted and they arrested Jeong.

As per SEO Won Jeong Instagram, he was taken into custody on December 15. The reports revealed that he might be facing 7 years long imprisonment if found guilty. Moreover, the charges of shooting the video have been dropped. It is because no evidence has been found. The media channels have not been taking his name and denoting him as “Influencer A” and the identity of the woman has also remained hidden and was denoted as “Woman B”.

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The popularity of Jeong! 

Seo Jeong is popularly called a Mama Boy because he uses the word Mama most of the time in his videos. He had gained more than 55 million followers on TikTok. But, the recent SEO Won Jeong Viral Video Reddit was not posted on his account. Moreover, he received more than one million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is still working, but his Instagram page is not accessible right now. The reports revealed that police when tried to open the door of the Influencer’s house, but he refused to open the door, and with the help of the fire department, they entered and arrested Jeong. 

The popularity of Jeong

No doubt he is a popular influencer, but actions will be taken and the next hearing is scheduled for January 17, 2024. 


Summing up this research on SEO Won Jeong Viral Video Reddit, we have mentioned all reliable facts on the recent updates on Seo Jeong. We hope that all the details on this influencer are clear. 

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DISCLAIMER: We could not assure if he was Jeong until the official sites revealed it. Kindly take this research for informative purposes.

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