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Senspark Token To PHP {April} Price, Contract Address!

This article describes a newly introduced token for improving the gaming features on metaverse and the NFT marketplace. Read on Senspark Token to PHP.

Are you interested to get details about a crypto token introduced by a popular crypto gaming project? And if yes, keep reading this article till the end to understand more details associated with this latest token and the benefits available for its holders.

The bomber game has released its second token that enhances GameFi, to avail more benefits to the gamers and token holders from the Philippines. Let’s explore more information associated with the new token and its use-cases. Keep reading till the end on Senspark Token to PHP.

About Bombcrypto

Bombcrypto is a crypto gaming-based project developed to reward gamers for their gaming activities and contributions to the gaming community. The number of tokens rewarded purely depends on the contribution made by the gamer to the Bomcrypto community.

Apart from gaming, this GameFi project also has an NFT marketplace where the players can buy and sell their gaming characters. The project released its new token Senspark ($SEN) for gaining the benefits of dual tokenomics. In addition to the release of $SEN, an NFT game will also get released in the coming months.

Senspark Token to PHP

  • Senspark ($SEN) will play a crucial role in the support and development of the economic system and aids the financials of the project.
  • Senspark Token is beneficial in Metaverse and GameFi activities.
  • The token got released on 12th April 2022, with a starting price of 5.20 PHP.
  • The official confirmation of $SEN got declared on Twitter on 5th April 2022.
  • $SEN is developed using the BEP-20 network.
  • The main use-case of this token is to provide benefits for the gamers utilizing metaverse and NFT based activities. 

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Senspark Token to PHP: ₱ 72.28
  • Price Change(24h): N/A: 
  • 24h Low: ₱ 49.99
  • 24h High: ₱ 100.17
  • Trading Volume(24h): No Data
  • Volume / Market Cap: No Data
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: N/A
  • Market Cap: ₱ 347169469.48
  • Market Rank: N/A
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: N/A
  • Max Supply: N/A
  • ATH: ₱ 122.26
  • ATL: ₱ 7.86

Founders and Team

  • Lam Ho is assigned as the CEO of Bombcrypto. In addition to that, he is also the founder of the gaming project.
  • Thai Duong, Truong Do and Eric Vuong are the major advisors of this crypto project. Read more on Senspark Token to PHP.
  • Hung Nguyen is in charge of Lead Game Designing.
  • Nhung Vo conducts lead marketing activities.

Where to Buy Senspark ($SEN)?

  • Visit the official PancakeSwap(V2) website.
  • Connect your Metamask or Trustwallet as the initial step.
  • Add BUSD tokens to your connected wallet. New users can buy BUSD from the Binance exchange and transfer it to their wallets.
  • After the wallet is loaded with BUSD, select the swap section present on PancakeSwap(V2).
  • The available trading pair to buy SEN is SEN/BUSD.
  • Choose BUSD as the primary token and SEN as the secondary token.
  • If Senspark Token to PHP is not found on the token list, paste the contract address for SEN.
  • Complete the swap process tobe credited with SEN tokens.


Q1: What is the contract address for the SEN token?

A1: The contract address for Sen token is 0x23383e18dEedF460EbB918545C8b0588038B7998.

Q2: Which are the charting platforms for SEN Token?

A2: SEN token charts are available on PooCoin and DEX Tools.


The introduction of new utility tokens strengthens the potential of the Bombcrypto gaming project by rewarding the gamersmuch more efficiently. To know more about the topic, kindly click here. 

Have you checked Senspark Token to PHP? Then, please comment below with your valuable opinion on this topic. Let’s go through the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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