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Senspark Coin {April} Read Here Chart, Contract Address

Do you know who evolved the Senspark Coin? Kindly use this article to learn the history and the latest hints.

Have you noticed the features of a new token developed by BombCrypto? If not, we are here with this composition to guide you with the updated details about the new coin. 

BombCrypto is a well-known cryptocurrency primarily loved by traders in Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, and Turkey. Recently, a new coin is being liberated by BombCrypto, thus creating a buzz amongst the holders globally. So, this write-up will expose the Senspark Coin precisely. Moreover, if you desire to grab more updates about the token, kindly read this post religiously. 

Latest News On The Token

According to a thread, we understood that recently, BombCrypto had constructed a dual-token system to serve improved facilities to its holders. Moreover, the BombCrypto representative released more details about the new Senspark token on Discord. 

The source further explained that the Senspark token was released on 12th April 2022, over PancakeSwap. So, let us disclose the features and a few connected links to the coin below. 

What Is A Senspark Coin

The BombCrypto post disclosed that the token has several unique capabilities through which the traders can upgrade their assets in the game. Also, the source revealed that the Senspark token would help the holders vote for the administrator’s offer. 

Moreover, when researching the source, we noticed that the token would be of unlimited supply. We will convey the special team behind the token in the underlying passage, so kindly concentrate carefully. 

Who Are The Contributors?

Over its official site, we observed many volunteers maintaining the Senspark Coin ecosystem. But, we will mention only some members below-

  • Binh Tran- Founder Assistant 
  • Lam Ho- CEO and Founder
  • Huan Nguyen- Sub-Lead Game Designer
  • Thuan Le- Engineer Manager
  • Hai Hoang- Head Engineer

Coin Features 

  • You can purchase different in-game items and assets through the token.
  • You can join the ecosystem with the coin.
  • You will be eligible to vote in all Senspark games. 

Senspark Live Price 

According to a source, the token was initially launched and listed for $0.1. But, another thread displayed its actual price as $0.0010767. So, now, let us mention a few additional statistical details of the Senspark Coin below to understand its worthiness in more depth. 

Total Supply And Supplementary Details 

Upon researching, we learned the following crucial figures of the token. So, we urge you to observe them properly. 

  • It has a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000SEN.
  • Its decimals are 18.
  • The token has 8,024 addresses.
  • 62,752 transfers have been carried out for this token.
  • The fully diluted value is unavailable. 

Now, after knowing the coin overview, you might be wondering about the platforms to avail of it. So, in the upcoming portion, we will mention the available exchanging medium for the Senspark Coin

How To Buy This Token?

As quoted earlier, PancakeSwap is the suggested exchange platform for Senspark. So, if you wish, then you can avail yourself of it now at your convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Accession Link To This Token?

A1. https://senspark.com is the official URL to this coin. 

Q2. What Is the Contact Address Of Senspark?

A2. 0x23383e18dEedF460EbB918545C8b0588038B7998 is the coin’s contract address. 

Q3. Where To Purchase The Coin?

A3. As of now, you can gain the token through PancakeSwap. 

The Final Talk 

This write-up has explained the updated details of the Senspark Coin and its price to know whether it is valuable or not. Moreover, we learned that this coin was launched recently by BombCrypto over PancakeSwap. Read here to know the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading  

To know more details, please visit here  

Have you found this coin beneficial? Please comment your opinion below. 

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