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[Watch Original] Sementeryo Link Viral: First Date Scandal November 2022, Available on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram!

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Have you ever watched any viral videos? Do you know about the Sementeryo leaked viral video? If not, then please check out the article. Recently, the Sementeryo viral video case was trending on Reddit and Twitter. Though the incident happened in the Philippines, it spread like fire in different countries. 

But only a few of us know the actual story behind this viral video. Though people searched for Sementeryo Link Viral, they did not know the real story. 

What is in the video?

First, people thought that the video is all about a girl and a boy making love. People started to watch and share the video because they thought the video was common. Almost every day, videos like this type of scandal go viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. So, the users of Reddit and Twitter found this video common. 

But in reality, it was not an ordinary love-making viral video. People searched for the First Date Sa Sementeryo Viral Link, but little did they know the real story behind this viral video. 

What is the real story behind this case?

Through some reports, we came to know that the girl and the boy in this viral video are not just an ordinary boy and a girl. The girl was a teacher, and the boy was her student. Yes, you are reading it correctly. The viral video is based on a real-life teacher and student. 

But here comes a twist. In 2019, the teacher you saw in the viral video on Twitter committed a hideous crime. She physically harassed one of her students in the classroom. During the investigation, the victim student revealed that the teacher forced him to go on a date, and after that, the teacher forced the boy to have a physical relationship with her. All these things happened on the first date, so the video went viral as “the first date sa sementeryo.” 

Can we still find the video on Reddit?

Though you cannot find the actual post on Reddit, on different websites, and in the comment section of Reddit, you can still watch the video or the link. While many users deleted their comments, some shared the video link in the comment section. 

Some people found it funny at first. But when they got to the actual story, they felt disgusted. You will be shocked to hear that some of them are still searching for the video on Telegram also. 

What are the other students of the university saying?

The other students in the same class became terrified after hearing the story. They could not believe that one of their teachers did such a wrong thing to a student. These types of crimes are totally unacceptable.

Chelsie Goerndt, a former university student who graduated in 2010, said this is a disgusting crime. Chelsie also mentioned that just because the teachers worked with the high school students, it does not mean that the students are not children. 


The university authority did not reveal the name of the teacher and the student in this case. They did not reveal any news about this case. This incident became the Viral Scandal November 2022 case. You can click on the link to see what people are saying about this matter on Twitter

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Sementeryo Link Viral– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Is the video still available on the internet?

Ans. Unfortunately, yes.

Q.2 Can we find the video on Tiktok also?

Ans. Yes, you can. Many Tiktok users made videos from the actual viral video. 

Q.3 Is there only one video?

Ans. No. There are a few videos available.

Q.4 Is the video available on Twitter?

Ans. In the comment section of Twitter, you can find the video link.

Q.5 When the video went viral on social media platforms?

Ans. On 1st November 2022.

Q.6 Where was the video shooted?

Ans. At a cemetery in the Philippines.

Q.7 Was the boy a teenager?

Ans. Some people said that the boy was a teenager. But some people said that he was more than eighteen years old. 

Q.8 Who posted the videos on Reddit and Twitter?

Ans. No one mentioned this

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