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[Latest Link] Sementeryo Date Link: Check Details On Viral Scandal November 2022, Find If Sementeryo Scandal Link Available For Twitter, Reddit, Or Telegram!

This post on Sementeryo Date Link will discuss all the details related to the cementary video of teenagers.

Have you ever thought of going on date to the cemetery? A boy from the phillippines has been witnessed going on a date with his girlfriend in a cemetery. This video of a boy and a girl dating in a cemetery is going viral. In this post, we will explain all the details related to Sementeryo Date Link so kindly read this post till the end.

What is the Sementeryo date?

The date in the cemetery has been going viral on various social media platforms. A teenager from the Philippines took his girlfriend to the most different date venue ever, a cemetery. The teenager recorded a video of him and his girlfriend on the cementary. In the video, they could be seen spending some time in the cemetery. However, later on, the teenagers started doing some intimate activities in the cemetery. The video has both teenagers in different positions. This was very unethical, so the video was brought down very soon. However, the people grew eager to find out what was in the video.

Who were in the Sementeryo Scandal Link video?

There was one girl and one boy in the Sementeryo date video. The identity of both teenagers has yet to be revealed. However, their faces could be seen in the video. People are still trying to find the identity of the kids there. The shocking part of this video was that both the boy and the girl were minors. Their ages are also not revealed in the video. It was later discovered that the video was uploaded by an account called Bryanmilkwayz1. It was also discovered that this account was circulating this video on Twitter. This account is also selling its videos online by asking for some money. The original video was brought down but some people have started uploading the video on various social media platforms.

Which social media platform has the Sementeryo video?

The video was initially uploaded on YouTube. We could not find the username which uploaded the video, but it was probably the children in the video. The video blew up drastically and was circulated everywhere on the internet. The original name of this video was dumalaw lang a cemetery. The video was then viral on other social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. People have been talking about this case repeatedly. The social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube are trying to bring down this video as it promotes intimate activities. 

More about the Sementeryo video

The Cemetery video was proven to be disturbing for some people as it involved two underage teenagers. The even more creepy part was that all of this was happening in the cemetery. There could be families coming to pay tributes to some resting souls. Hearing about all of this could have been disturbing for them. We couldn’t find the Viral Scandal November 2022 video because it was taken down recently. So we don’t know what the couples thought before going into the cemetery and having a date. The worst part was that they were doing these things right in front of someone’s cemetery. This was very disrespectful toward the person who died there.


To finish this post, we can say that we do not support such videos. The above article was discussed just for informative purposes. Also, we do not intend to harm anyone’s emotions through this article. Please click on this link to know more.

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Sementeryo Date Link – FAQs

  1. Who were the kids in the cemetery video?

The identity of the kids is not revealed.

  1. What were the teenagers doing in the cemetery?

The teenagers were having their date in the cemetery.

  1. What was the age of the couple?

The teenager’s age has yet to be revealed. However, both of them were likely teenagers.

  1. Who uploaded the video?

The children probably uploaded the video. 

  1. Is this video still available on the internet?

No, the video has been brought down by the social media platforms like Telegram.

  1. Who is circulating these videos?

As per sources, these videos are circulated by an account called Bryanmilkwayz1. 

  1. Which social media account has the cementary video?

The video was first uploaded on YouTube and then released to other platforms like Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and Facebook. However, currently, this video is not available anywhere.

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