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Semantle 54 Answers (March 2022) Hints, Clues & Scores!

The guide shares details about the Semantle 54 Answers to help players know its correct answer.

If you love solving math questions and equations, you will enjoy playing the new browser game, Semantle. Since the word and puzzle games are trending amongst the fans in the United States, David Turner launched the latest puzzle game based on semantics instead of letters.  

Semantle is an online browser game where you get a new puzzle to solve every day. It is a semantic-inspired game that is challenging, tough, and hard to play and backed by Google Neural Network. 

If you enjoy playing the puzzle game, you might be searching for the recent Semantle 54 Answers online.  

What is the Semantle Puzzle Game?

Semantle is a challenging online browser game based on semantics instead of letters. The famous word game, Wordle, inspires it. However, the main twist in the game is that the puzzle game is based on semantics rather than words and letters. 

David Turner has launched the game, and an announcement was made on his Twitter account last month on 1st Feb 2022. The game offers new puzzles and equations daily, and players get a couple of chances to solve the equation and score high. 

The latest question #54 in the game is quite challenging with many hints.

What are the Correct Semantle 54 Answers?

Puzzle question #54 has the nearest word with a similarity of 1:56. The answer has the penultimate guess with the similarity of 28:14 (679/1000). However, these are the guesses shared by the players on the discussion forum and now the exact answer to question #54.

The precise answer to the question is yet to be shared, and hence we urge our readers to stay tuned to learn about the correct answer to #54.

Different players have shared different Semantle 54 Answers on the discussion forum. The correct answer is unknown yet. So, keep checking for the nearest similarity and right solution of the recent 54 questions in the puzzle game. 

Why Question #54 is Trending?

After evaluating the game online, we found a couple of discussions and comments on the discussion forum. Players from the United States are sharing their similarities and guesses on the forum. But, none of them have shared the correct answers to puzzle question #54. 

As per the users, the first guess had the similarity of 1:56 while the other guesses had the resemblance of 28:14. Some users said that the Semantle 54 Answers they guessed had the likeness of 6:50, 11:62, and 9:81.   

None of them have shared the correct answer on the discussion forum. There are no hints they have shared, and players must guess the correct similarity by playing the game on the platform. 

The recent puzzle number 55 is already released, and the nearest word has the similarity of 77:18. You may check on Semantle Website.


Semantle is an online browser game with new puzzles every day. Players have to guess the correct equations based on the hints shared on the gaming platform. The Semantle 54 Answers are not shared yet by any users, and hence players have to wait until it is updated.    

Do you play Semantle Puzzle Game? Please share your experiences in the comment section. 

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