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{Updated} Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp: Check How Does It Work, Also Find The Ways To Control Such Fraud

Our research on Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp will give you updates on the viral fake messages being circulated on WhatsApp in the name of Seismic Wave.

Do you know about the tragedy that happened recently in Morocco? Many people lost their lives during this natural calamity. However, people are circulating Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp texts during this tragedy Worldwide. This text is a fake text that has created a sense of fear among the people. Today, we will discuss the fake message that was threatening the locals. Please read the following details.

Seismic Waves Scam on WhatsApp! 

As per online sources, people are circulating some fake messages on WhatsApp which can hack your data from mobile phones. This message contains a file that has been named Seismic Wave Card. The file is shared in pdf format and it contains various pictures of the earthquake that hit Morocco recently. 

This Scam has threatened everyone as it is not just limited to photos of the earthquake but the file is claimed to be dangerous for the data present in the mobile phone. Some warning messages are also circulating online which claim that if you open this file, it will hack your data within 10 seconds of opening it. This message has scared everyone. During this worst time, people are trying to seek advantage of personal data. This seems to be an insane act as instead of providing support to the victims, people are involved in such activities as hacking or fraud.

Seismic Waves Card Hoax: How does it work? 

The seismic Wave message scam has been trending among people. This pdf file is shared among the users of WhatsApp. As per sources, it was revealed that the file is named Seismic Wave Card and it contains pictures of Morocco after being hit by an earthquake on September 8. People may become curious to open the file and once they open the file, their data from the mobile phone will be leaked. Yes! You heard it right! 

This pdf file contains something unusual that steals your data from the mobile phone. Some sites revealed that the file contains a Virus that is installed in your phone once you open it. The hackers will then take away the bank details or other personal information.

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Ways to Control The Seismic Wave Fraud! 

It is not rocket science to control such scams. You have to be alert when you receive such messages. However, we have shared some ways using which you can remove such inappropriate extensions from phones. 

  • Open the settings of the browser and click on Add-on or other tools from the browser. 
  • Check out for extensions. If you find a Seismic wave extension, then you can simply delete it or remove it from your device.

Dealing with Seismic Hack is simple and the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should not open such files from unknown senders. 

DISCLAIMER: We have informed the readers about the scam pdf file being circulated on WhatsApp. We intend to provide all the facts to help the readers save themselves from such scams. Kindly consider this post for informative purposes.

Details on the Morocco Earthquake! 

Natural calamities are very risky for the lives of people. They not only cause destruction but result in the loss of lives of humans and animals. Similarly, an earthquake hit Morocco on September 8, 2023, with a magnitude of 6.8. The Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp scam is famous due to this incident. More than 2,500 people lost their lives during this incident. It caused a lot of destruction in the city as many buildings were destroyed, and people lost their lives. It caused massive destruction to the infrastructure. 


To sum up this post here, we gave you some important details on the Seismic Wave scam that is ongoing across the world. You should not fall for such scams and avoid opening any files from unknown senders. It will leak your data. 

Would you mind giving suggestions on the Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp? Kindly give your opinions in the comment area.

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