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Seismic Waves Card Hoax: Why Whatsapp Fake Bufala News Trending? Get Types Details Here!

The reality concerning the Seismic Waves Card Hoax file is explained in this write-up to let online users learn about the fraudulent recent activity.

Are hackers targeting victims and families of Morocco’s earthquake? An earthquake recently hit Morocco on 9th September 2023. Morocco’s earthquake reported About two thousand fatalities, leaving countless people homeless and injured.

While people Worldwide were devastated by the earthquake experienced in Morocco, a scam targeted the earthquake victims. So, look over additional facts concerning the Seismic Waves Card Hoax.

Disclaimer: We aim to disperse information concerning happenings, hoaxes, and prevalent scams to alert people without urging scams or other activities. No social media links concerning Seismic Waves Card found, so we cannot provide it.

Is there a prevalent hoax of Seismic Waves Card?

A file prescribed Seismic Waves Card was widely circulated associated with Morocco’s devastating earthquake that struck the city on 8th September 2023. The file included devastating pictures of Morocco’s earthquake.

What is Seismic Waves Card Bufala?

Seismic Waves Card Bafala is a viral message people want to learn more about. The message mentioned that the Seismic Waves Card file is a scam, including a few earthquake images.

The message also alerted people not to open or view the card since it may hack the device in a few seconds. Also, it cannot be opened using any software and has urged people to forward the information to their friends and families.

Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp Fake:

A recent message viral on WhatsApp is a translated version of a language. However, the screenshot of the PDF file called Seismic Waves Card.pdf is widely circulated on social media and contains Trojan malware or viruses.

Some sources also mentioned that such card is not accessible on the web currently and cannot hack personal information on mobile devices. This fake message only exploits the uncertainties and anxieties of people affected by the Moroccan earthquake.

Seismic Waves Types:

The recent widespread message of the Seismic Waves Card targets students and individuals. It also gives false promises of discounted or free and enticing benefits to students and individuals for housing, tuition, and other perks.

But, students must remain sceptical and cautioned when such solicit benefits are offered. You must reach official sources to verify the facts instead of believing them. The viral message that alerts people about mobile devices getting hacked is fake since no file or card can hack the devices. 

Is there a Seismic Waves Card Hoax?

Seismic Waves Card is a proven hoax since the message about hacking mobile devices is untrue. This circulated online message is a baseless rumor and a nefarious file or a tool that does not exist. 

Also, the security of the mobile devices is not compromised by the Seismic Waves Card since it is a mere hoax. This viral message was created to trap victims and individuals and increase anxieties and fears in the affected region. 

Is it safe to open a Seismic Waves Card?

The seismic Waves Card was an engineered threat to exploit the concerns of the individuals affected by the earthquake in Morocco. It is a misleading message or information to creates fear and anxiety among the affected individuals and families. 

However, due to its fake origin, the Seismic Wave Card file cannot be opened by any source or tool.

Therefore, you must not fall prey or become the victim of a widely spread message since it is a Seismic Waves Card HoaxCheck more facts on Easy and Simple methods of refund from paypal.


Seismic Waves Card is a fake file widely circulated on WhatsApp and social media. However, the file does not exist and is not openable. Besides, it cannot harm any mobile device or tablet, as was mentioned in the circulated message. Learn more about how to Get money refund on credit card.

Did you receive the Seismic Waves Card on WhatsApp? Share the tool or software through which you could open the card. 

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