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Sebastian Majtczak LinkedIn: Details On Waldemar Ojciec, List Gonczy, And Connection With Rigello

This research on Sebastian Majtczak LinkedIn will inform the readers about the road accident and involvement of Sebastian Majtczak with this accident.

Sebastian Majtczak LinkedIn! 

Who is Sebastian Majtczak? Why is he wanted? Many online sites are sharing updates on Sebastian and the details of Sebastian Majtczak LinkedIn have also been asked by people Worldwide. We can find his popularity during these days on social media also. Here, we will tell you why this person is trending on the internet. Kindly read the facts below.

About Sebastian Majtczak LinkedIn

As per online sources, people are demanding details on Sebastian Majtczak and if he is available on LinkedIn. However, we could not find his LinkedIn profile. But, we got some information on other profile pages related to Sebastian. Unfortunately, on this page, the details were not provided.

Sebastian Waldemar Majtczak Ojciec: Why is he trending? 

As per sources, a tragic accident happened on the AI motorway. Some rumors circulated online in which it was found that Sebastian Majtczak had connections with this accident that resulted in the death of three people. A high speeding BMW car collided with another car and fire broke out. 

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Sebastian Majtczak List Gonczy

We have found that the arrest warrant was issued against Sebastian Majtczak as he might have a connection with the road accident that happened on September 16. He had fled from the country to abroad. The warrant was also posted on the official website of the police team. 

Sebastian Majtczak Rigello

We have done in-depth research on this niche and found that Sebastian Majtczak is somehow connected to the Rigello company. He is the CEO of Rigello company and had completed his education at SGH Warsaw Economics School. 

More Details On The Accident! 

As per Sebastian Waldemar Majtczak Ojciec, it was revealed through online sites that the police initially neglected the arrest of the driver in the road accident case. As per sources, people speculated that the BMW driver had connections with the police and there were personal connections. However, under pressure, the police team issued an arrest warrant against Sebastian Majtczak Rigello

However, the online sites reported that he had fled abroad to avoid arrest. Police also requested to inform the nearest police station in case they have seen him anywhere. Some pictures from this road accident were also shared on the online sites. These images shocked everyone.

Who lost life in the accident? 

As per the sources, three people died during this road tragedy. Updates on Sebastian Majtczak List Gonczy revealed that Patryk, Martyna, and Oliwier, a family of three people died. The kid was only five years old. It was disheartening to know about this tragedy and people connected to them are still mourning the loss. 


Summing up this research here, we have shared details on the road accident that occurred a few weeks ago on AI Motorway. Police are trying to locate Sebastian Majtczak in connection with this road accident to solve this case and give justice to the family of three people who died during this tragedy. 

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DISCLAIMER: We are here to inform the readers of the trending updates on road accidents and not to make any judgments on the culprit. The facts are taken from the online sites. So, kindly consider this research to seek information and not for any personal allegations.

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