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Scott Hyde Obituary And Age: Alyssa Hyde, Biography, Parents, Net worth Details!

Learn more about Scott Hyde Obituary And Age in addition to his biography, net worth, parents, and daughter, Alyssa.

Are you the person who is a great fan of social media star Alyssa Hyde? Then, do you have the habit of checking on her family updates?

If not, then bad news is waiting for you all because the TikTok star has lost her father recently, and Scott Hyde Obituary And Age news is trending all over the United States of America. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss the death of the social media celebrity’s father, Scott Hyde.

Scott Hyde Obituary and Age

Scott Hyde was a typical American employee who rose to fame by being the father of star content creator Alyssa Hyde. The family of Hyde and even Alyssa posted the news of the loss of her father on her social media accounts.

He died in a very unexpected manner on June 20, 2023. The actual cause of his death was not known, and the family-maintained privacy about his death.

Scott Hyde Obituary Alyssa Hyde was shared on the Daily Jefferson County Union website by detailing all his family and work details on the obituary page.

Scott Hyde was born on June 2, 1965, and he has died at the age of 58. Yes, at the time of his death, Scott Hyde was only 58 years old. After publishing the obituary, the Hyde family organized a private family service at their home.

Scott Hyde Obituary and Age

Scott Hyde Obituary Alyssa Hyde

Scott Hyde’s death became viral as he was the father of the great social media celebrity Alyssa Hyde. She is the eldest daughter of Scott, and she has a little brother named Spencer Hyde.

Alyssa and Spencer’s names were present on the obituary of Scott, along with their partner’s names as well. Alyssa is a famous social media celebrity who has amassed around 557K followers on Instagram. Moreover, Scott made his appearance on Alyssa’s YouTube channel as well. 

If we look at the Biography of Alyssa, she started her career on the YouTube platform, where she used to post a couple of videos along with her boyfriend, Charles Davis. Even, Scott has appeared on the Alyssa YouTube videos many times.

Scott Hyde Obituary Alyssa Hyde

Biography of Scott Hyde

Scott Hyde, who was born on June 2, 1965, was a regular salaried employee who rose to fame by being the father of his eldest daughter, Alyssa. 

He belongs to the Wisconsin region, so his ethnicity and nationality are rooted in the United States of America. Scott completed only his high schooling at Jefferson High School in 1983. After its completion, he started to work for Doskocil Foods.

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Parents of Scott Hyde

Scott Hyde was born to Charles Hyde and Patricia Hyde; both of them have died. Even Scott became the parent of two kids!

If we see the parents of the social media star Alyssa, they are the late Scott Hyde and Tricia Hyde. The role of Parents is something vital for everyone. But now, Alyssa has lost her father at the age of only 27. Yes, Alyssa was born on April 16, 1996. But at this young age, she managed to achieve more.

Parents of Scott Hyde

What is Scott Hyde’s Net Worth?

This family member does not release Scott Hyde’s actual net worth value. But he was a salaried employee who worked for Doskocil Foods for 20 years. Then, he worked for Lamar Billboards and Han Brothers Concrete Company for the rest of his life. 

He might have acquired around 100000 dollars as of 2023 since he had been working for nearly 40 years.

If we look at the Net Worth of Alyssa Hyde, it was around 4 million dollars as of 2023 because she has a YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers, so it is easy to get more sponsors for her videos. So, Alyssa was able to save up to 4 million dollars on her 27th age itself.

What is Scott Hyde's Net Worth

Family of Scott Hyde

According to the Biography of Scott Hyde, he belonged to a nuclear family with his parents and a little brother named Charles Hyde. He got married to Tricia on June 16, 1990, at the age of 25. Then, after six years, Scott had his first child named Alyssa.


Scott Hyde Obituary And Age news must have been very heartbreaking for the Hyde family. He loved animals, and he was also an ardent fan of Green Bay. His family members mentioned all these details in his obituary. They wanted the general public to know about Scott, and it really worked well.

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