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Schuster Juju Smith Twitter: What Happened To Him As He Shared Tweet Post? Read Career Stats, Valentine, Twitch, Reddit, Linkedin, Wiki, Family, Contract & Chiefs Details Now!

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Who is Juju Smith Schuster? Why are people discussing Juju Smith Schuster’s Twitter post? What does Juju Smith’s Twitter post contain? Did Juju Smith share any controversial content on his social media account?

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What Happened To Juju Smith Schuster?

Juju Smith Schuster shared a trolling post on his Twitter platform after he faced defeat in Sunday’s super bowl. During the fourth quarter match of the super bowl, James Bradberry grabbed Juju Smith Schuster while running in the game. 

The Kansas City Chiefs took advantage of it and won the game with a goal within eight seconds remaining for the game.

Troll post by Juju Smith!

After winning the match, Juju Smith shared a post on 14th February 2023. The Tweet says, “I will hold you when it matters most,” with the picture of James Bradberry. Juju Smith also mentioned the caption for the post, “Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.”

Know Juju Smith’s Family details!

  • Step-Father-Lawrence Schuster.
  • Mother- Sammy Toa.
  • Siblings- So’omalo (Sister).

Is Juju Smith married?

Juju Smith Schuster is unmarried and single. Thus no details on his wife are available. However, Alessandra Gesiotto is Juju Smith’s rumored girlfriend.

Check Juju Smith’s Wiki!

Juju Smith’s fans can get his biography details in the below table. Thus, go through it now.

Real Name Juju Sherman Smith-Schuster.
Profession American Fooballer.
Date Of Birth 22/11/1996.
Birth Place Long Beach California, U.S.
Partners Name Alessandra Gesiotto (Rumoured Girlfriend).
Marital Status Unmarried.
Zodiac Sagittarius.
Age 26.

Interested ones can also go through his Linkedin id to learn more about Juju Smith.

Know his Religion & more!

  • Nationality- American.
  • Religion-Christian.
  • Ethnicity- African (Mixed).

Check Juju Smith’s Career & More!

  • High School- Long Beach Polytechnic High School.
  • College- University of Southern California.
  • Career Stats– He started playing football at 8 years and played college football too. He participated in NFL combined drills and joined the Pittsburgh team in 2017. In 2022, he joined the Kansas City Chiefs and had a one-year Contract with the team.

Know his height & more! 

  • Height- 6’1″ inches.
  • Weight- 98kg.
  • Birthday- 22nd November.

Who Is Juju Smith Schuster?

Juju smith is also famous for his Youtube and twitch videos. The footballer started making Twitch videos in 2017. He is an NLF player and plays for the Kansas City Chiefs team.

Social Media Links


Juju Smith and James Bradberry fans are debating on the trending post shared on Reddit and other social media sites. Watch the video to learn more about Juju Smith’s Twitter.

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Check Juju Smith’s Valentine post-FAQs

1: What did Juju Smith recently post on Twitter?

AHe posted a trolling picture of James Bradberry on Twitter.

2: Why did Juju Smith share a trolling post?

As James Bradberry grabbed him during the recent Super Bowl 57 match.

3: Who won the fourth quarter of super bowl 57?

AThe Kansas City Chief won the recent fourth quarter.

4:How many subscribers does Juju Smith have on his Youtube channel?

He has 1.04 M subscribers.

5: Is Juju Smith playing for the team?

He is presently playing for Kansas City Chiefs.

6: Previously, Juju Smith played for which team?

He played for the Pittsburgh team.

7: Who is Juju Smith’s biological father?

He was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.

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