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Scam Tagandchill Com Or Legit: Grab Complete Details On Tagandchill Com Netflix

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Also, learn about Scam Tagandchill Com Or Legit by understanding its features.

Are you aware that Netflix requires assistance of taggers with over 5-years experience in education in the film or television industry? It is a cushy job as it involves watching full Netflix content and tagging the content relevantly. It, in turn, helps develop precise metadata and populating suggestions per viewers’ taste. Netflix tagging jobs are popular in the United States, the UK, and Ireland. is one such website offering such jobs. Let’s check about Scam Tagandchill Com Or Legit.

Is legitimate?

No. seems a scam website. The analyses of its trust score show only a 2% score. Further, it gained a below-average business ranking of 38.7%. The domain authority score of Tagandchill is 1/100, which is very poor. 

Tagandchill gained a 7% suspicion score, a 12% malware score, a 29% spam score, and a 50% threat and phishing score. Though is not blacklisted, it does not uses HTTPS protocol. Additionally, its IP does not has an SSL certification. was launched on 1st-November-2022 at 9:38:29. Tagandchill Com Netflix is a three days old website. It has a zero Alexa ranking and low traffic as a young website. has a low life expectancy as it will expire within the next eleven months and twenty-six days on 1st-November-2023 at 9:38:29.

The features of

Tagandchill uses the services of to censor its owners’ identity and contact information. did not include terms of service/use, privacy policy, upfront payment details on mode of payment, minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, customer service contact number or email address. did not include any information about its mission and goals, considered to check Scam Tagandchill Com Or Legit? Further, the physical address of was not included. You won’t be able to check the status of your job application on 

Further analyses show that Netflix did not endorse Hence, it is questionable how the tagger can access and tag official Netflix content on a genuine Netflix platform!

Services of

The domain is not accessible directly. The webpage automatically redirects you to, where the Netflix tagger job is offered.

To apply for the job, redirects you to where you need to fill out a form. However, the Tagandchill Com Netflix form has limited access only in a few countries and is blacked out in other areas. claims that it will contact you within 24-hours of application and that the vacancies are limited. 

It is known that Netflix rolled out tagger job requirements in 2018. It was a dream job for many as they relaxed in the comfort of their house and watched Netflix content all day long. Then, tag the content as per the concept of the content. The Netflix taggers are also paid considerably.

However, there is no affiliation of with Netflix, which clues on Scam Tagandchill Com Or Legit. Netflix did not mention that it is taking the services of for tagging its content. 

Customer reviews:

Fourteen website reviews and four YouTube reviews of suggested a scam. As a young website, user reviews and ratings are unavailable on customer review sites.

Conclusion: gained terrible trust, business, Alexa, and DA scores. Further, it scored considerably on suspicion, phishing, threat, malware, and spam profile. No user reviews and ratings are present on customer review sites or elsewhere on the internet. Hence, reviews conclude that it seems a illegitimate website faking job profiles of tagging NetFlix content and answering about Scam Tagandchill Com Or LegitClick here to know more.

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1Q. Is a secured website?

No. does not use an HTTPS connection. It is unsecured.

2Q. Is safe for user data and devices?

No. has a 50% score on threat and phishing profiles, which is risky for user data and devices.

3Q. Does spams users?

Yes. It scored 29% spamming score suggesting it will send unwanted text and emails.

4Q. Is blacklisted?

No. is not blacklisted.

5Q. Is Scam Tagandchill Com Or Legit website?

No. As it gained a 2% trust score, it is illegitimate.

6Q. Is widely accessed?

No. has low traffic and gained zero Alexa ranking.

7Q. What is offered on

Jobs related to tagging NetFlix contents are offered on

8Q. Are the NetFlix tagging job profiles offered by genuine?

No. The job profiles for tagging NetFlix content are fake.

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