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{Updated} Saul Luchtenberg Linkedin: Check Full Details On Luchtemberg Engenheiro, Bitencourt

Do you know about the Saul Luchtenberg LinkedIn account? Who is Luchtemberg Bitencourt Engenheiro?

What is Saul Luchtenberg LinkedIn? Who is Saul Luchtenberg? Is Saul an engineer? Who is Saul Bitencourt? Is it Luchtenberg or Luchtemberg? People on the internet are trying to extract details about this topic. Thus, this keyword is trending. But the primary keyword seems wrong. Because in Brazil, Saul Luchtemberg is the person hitting the headlines.

Saul Luchtenberg LinkedIn

LinkedIn account related to Saul Luchtenberg was not accessible. We tried to trace it and researched properly, but there were no results. As per sources, Saul Luchtemberg is trending in Brazil because of his extra-marital affair. He was in a relationship with a journalist Ana Paula Renault as per sources. 

She recently exposed him in her social media posts. She shared around 4 to 5 videos and talked about the whole incident. She has been constantly posting stories and a series of videos to explain her experience. As per sources, she said that Saul deceived her and never told her that he was married. 

Saul Luchtemberg Engenheiro & More Details 

As the news about this case spread in the country, people started to search for Saul. The fans and supporters of Ana are eager to know about the case. She has been posting a series of videos to expose the 42-year-old Engineer. He betrayed Ana and his wife at the same time. 

Ana felt terrible as she even started to live with Saul. Later, she finds out about Saul being married. On top of being married, he allegedly has kids as well. Ana Paula has known Saul since February 2023. And they eventually fell in love with him.

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Saul Luchtemberg Bitencourt’s Side of Story

Saul also put his side of the story on his social media account. He revealed how he met Paula during a time of need. His marriage was in shambles, and he was on the verge of separation. Then, he met Ana and fell for her. He accepted the fact that he had betrayed his wife and family. 

But he did not accept to betray Ana. He has announced his break-up with Ana Paula. Saul also told everyone that his wife had forgiven him. As per sources, now, he is a family man and picked up from where he left off. Saul Luchtemberg Bitencourt said that his life is private, and it will continue to be so. 

Social Media Account of Ana Paula Renault

Saul is not a celebrity or a public person. Thus, we will not provide his social media accounts. In addition, his social media accounts are inaccessible now. 

Instagram Profile of Ana Paula Renault:

Ana Paula has 2.5 million followers, and his fans are loyal. She has uploaded more than 1800 posts till now.

Twitter Account of Ana Paula Renault:

Ana has 1.6 million followers on his Twitter account. Her relationship with Saul Luchtemberg Engenheiro is currently trending. 

Note: This article’s primary keyword is based on searchability. Because Saul’s surname is Luchtemberg instead of Luchtenberg.


In today’s article, we have discussed the relationship of Brazilian Journalist Ana Paula Renault. She exposed his Ex-boyfriend, who was married, but she did not know it. Saul concealed the fact that he was married. Saul is a 42-year-old Engineer, and the couple started living together. Paula felt betrayed and revealed the mis-happening on her social media account. If you wish to know more about Ana Paula Renault, click here.

What is Saul Luchtenberg LinkedIn? If you have Saul’s LinkedIn account details, please comment. 

Disclaimer: The details in the article are gathered through authentic and legitimate sources. 

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