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Saryn Anderson Husband: Also Know More About Saryn Anderson Husband Instagram Post, NFL, And Height

The article explains Saryn and her husband and the information that went viral people can gather the details by reading Saryn Anderson’s Husband.

What is the name of Saryn’s husband? What is his occupation? Was he familiar to all? What is spreading across social media? How Saryn reacted to it? The news is spreading virally in the United States and Canada. Are you searching to know detailed information about Saryn Anderson Husband? Have a look at the below.   


Regarding Henry Anderson

In Atlanta, Henry Anderson was born on August 3, 1991. He belongs to the American nation. Henry Anderson studied at Woodward Academy. He specializes in American football. Henry plays for the NFL Carolina Panthers. He played for the New York Jets and the Stanford Cardinal. 

Who is the wife of Henry Anderson?

Saryn is the name of his wife. They both married on June 2019. They celebrated their anniversary last summer. They will be completing four years of their journey by this year. They had a child, and her name was Bowen. Henry Height is 1.98 metres tall (6 ft, 5 in). Henry Wyatt Anderson is another name for him.

What was the news that went viral?

One of the social media influencers, beauty expert Jeffree Star, made it clear on Tuesday. The man she referred to in images as the “NFL boo” is not married.

Star posted a picture of a private message by Saryn Anderson. Saryn is the wife of NFL player Henry Anderson of the Carolina Panthers. Jeffree mentioned some information on the unknown man he was pictured living. Saryn told Jeffree that his husband was also in NFL, and people thought it was him. So please stop posting. 

Then Jeffree replied to the post that she would not go after the married man, and the news went viral on Instagram and Twitter.

Anderson accepted a contract with the Carolina Panthers on September 5, 2022. On October 25, he was on the non-football illness list. On December 10, he was made active.

Personal Details

  • Name: Henry Wyatt Anderson
  • Birth date: August 3 1991
  • Age: 31 years, 6 months
  • Sport American football
  • Height 1.98m (6’6″)
  • Weight 300kg (661.4lbs)
  • Studied at Woodward Academy
  • Wife: Saryn Anderson
  • Children: Bowen
  • Occupation: American Football player
  • Member of:  Stanford Cardinal football and New York
  • Team name: Jets

Saryn felt relaxed that Henry was out of the picture. Jeffree helped to stop spreading the rumours by stating that she won’t be in a relationship with the married man. What do you people think of the man whom Jeffree shared? Did you guess the name of that man? If so, state it in the below box. Henry is alive, and he is not dead. He got injured last year and is now back to normal mode. Unfortunately, Obituary information is spreading falsely.


As per an online investigation, Henry Anderson is the name of Saryn’s husband. Based on the pictures posted by an influencer, Jeffree star, Saryn replied that people think that was his husband. But Jeffree clarified the Saryn that he is not Henry. Gather details online.

Did you get enough details about Sharyn’s husband? Share your thoughts in the below comment box.

Saryn Anderson Husband –FAQ        

Q1. Who is the name of Saryn’s husband?

Henry Anderson is the husband of Saryn.

Q2. Who posted the pictures on Twitter?

A youtube artist Jeffree Star posted on Twitter.

Q3. Who is Henry Anderson?

Henry is an American football player. 

Q4. How old is Henry?

Henry’s age is 31 years.

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