Latest News Sarah Perry Obituary And Net Worth In 2023

Sarah Perry Obituary And Net Worth In 2023: Details On Comedian, Cause of Death

Read exclusive details about recent Comedian Sarah Perry Obituary And Net Worth In 2023 and Cause of Death.

My maiden name is Klunder, and life is too short to be ANYTHING but happy. ❤️ This was description Sarah had on her Facebook account! Little did people from Canada and United States expect news of Sarah Perry Obituary And Net Worth In 2023!

Sarah Perry Obituary And Net Worth In 2023:

Sarah had passed away in a road accident that took place on 25th/November/2023 at 12:07 PM EST. Accident took place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Her net worth is unascertained.

How did Sarah Perry die?

@HamiltonPolice Twitter pages had no posts on 25th/November/2023. No information was published officially by police or hospital about how Sarah had died. Several sources reported that Sarah had sustained life-threatening injuries all over her body. 

Sarah Perry Funeral:

Since 25th/November/2023, there have been no updates posted by Sarah Perry Comedian‘s family about her funeral, obituary, last rites, or celebration of life ceremony. Her family members, including her daughter, son, and husband, were present on Facebook and TikTok. Still, last update was posted by her friends Kelly Kesjardine and Debbie Primeau on 27th/November/2023. Her friends remembered her and paid tributes on Facebook. 

Sarah Perry’s Parents:

Sarah did not disclose details of her parents. However, her marriage pictures showed her parents beside couple.

Sarah Perry’s family and relatives:

Klunder is Sarah’s mother’s maiden name. One of her relatives, Ken Klunder, is a Garbage Truck driver at Waste Connections of Canada. No details of Sarah’s in-laws were discussed.

Is Sarah Perry Comedian Married?

Sarah met her sole mate in 1997, and they started dating. Sarah got married in 2023. On 14th/June/2023, couple celebrated their 20th marriage anniversary. In 2004, Sarah got pregnant. Couple were blessed with twins, one cute daughter and a cute son. Paige Perry is Sarah’s daughter. Paige used to share dance videos on TikTok (@Paige..Perry). 

Her kids are about 20-years old and got their driving licence on 20th/December/2020. Sarah shared post with cheers, stating – Two new drivers on road!

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Sarah Perry Wiki:

@sarah..perry TikTok account is full of funny podcasts where she shares live jokes via webcam. However, Sarah is not a professional comedian. Cause of Death is road accident. Her marital name, Sarah Perry, is confused with another comedian @sperrycomedy. 

Sarah had started a venture with her sister, crafting Handmade Vintage items. Later, she promoted sale of apparel and handbags at, a closed business. 

Sarah Perry’s Personal Life:

Her Facebook profile showed fulfil movements with her family at Stoney Creek Cineplex/Fern Resort/Fallsview Casino Resort/Scotiabank Arena/Oak Hill Marketplace, and enjoying Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Survivor TV series, Just Mercy and Invisible Man films, suggesting she was fun-loving.

Sarah Perry Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion:

Her Cause of Death is also anticipated due to to serious injuries. Sarah was a resident of Hamilton, ON. Ken is a resident of Brantford, ON. Sarah is an American citizen and a Christian.

Sarah Perry Education Qualification, Career, Early Life, Age, and DoB:

Sarah did not share details of her education and age. Before Covid pandemic, Sarah promoted online sale of jewellery, slippers, and women’s accessories, indicating she used to take care of her household.

Social media links:


Sarah used to listen to music albums on TikTok and shared links on Facebook, inviting followers to reach 25K+ subscribers back in 2020. Her friend Megan Lynn started A GoFundMe campaign on 26th/November/2023 to support her two kids. Campaign accumulated CA$ 2,375 out of CA$ 10K target.

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