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Santa Rosa Stabbing High School: What is Montgomery High School Incident? Why It Is Circulating In News Of Today? Check Details Now!

In this article, you will find the Santa Rosa Stabbing High School updates. Find out all the internal details of the fatal killing.

What led to the Santa Rosa stabbing incident? How many students are injured in the Brawl? On Wednesday, one student of Montgomery High School was killed by a 15-year-old student. The fatal killing at the school brought Chaos to the citizens of the United States.

People are terrified by the incident and thinking about how a young teenager can become a murderer at 15. One more friend of the teenager was also critically injured in the Brawl. Keep reading if you are looking for the details of Santa Rosa Stabbing High School.


About the Incident

On Wednesday morning during the Arts class, two juniors blocked the way of a freshman student who is 15 years old. Suddenly an argument began between the three teenagers, and the freshman took out a knife and stabbed both the 16-year-old students brutally.

The class teacher also mentioned that these three kids fought earlier, but she somehow separated them, but this time, the scenario worsened. The police are investigating the situation and looking for the reason for the stabbing. Moreover, the killer is also missing, and police are searching for him.

Montgomery High School Santa Rosa 

The Fatal killing took place at Montgomery High School of Santa Rosa. Police reports do not mention the name of 15-year-old first-year students. During the fight, one student was stabbed multiple times and killed, and another got unconscious. The brutal killing in High School shocked everyone far away. 

A winery community staying 50 miles away also got terrified by the incident and faced the circumstances of the lockdown. After the incident, the government shut down schools and colleges for the day to neutralise the situation. The Principal of Montgomery mentioned that it was the darkest day of my history in Northern California High Schools.

Montgomery High School Stabbing Today  

Police are looking for the killer, but they cannot capture him. Moreover, people are facing the consequences of Brawls and living in fear. During the investigation, police reported multiple stories of brutal fights on the campus but took no action against them.

Police also identified the weapon used for killing the students. It was a foldable knife with a 5-inch blade. After the incident, police also identified the student as Jayden Jess Pienta. His stepfather Tom Lenwell felt broken by his loss. 

Santa Rosa Stabbing High School Stats

Full name Jayden Jess Pienta
Parents Stepfather: Tom Lenwell
Education 2nd year Arts
College Montgomery high school
Age 16 year old

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Final verdict!

A brutal fight between Three Students resulted in a massacre in Montgomery High School. As per the report, a 15-year student stabbed both the 16 years students with the knife. The student killed in the fight was Jayden Pienta. Police are investigating the Crime Scene and looking for the criminal.

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Santa Rosa Stabbing High School: FAQs

Q1 How many students are involved in the fight?

There were 3 students involved in the Brawl.

Q2 Where did the incident take place?

The incident took place outside the classroom in front of students and teachers.

Q3 What is the name of the killer?

Police didn’t reveal this information.

Q4 Is there any early complaint regarding the killer from the high school?

No, he was a freshman.

Q5 What is the current status of Montgomery High School Santa Rosa?

Authorities shut down the campus for a while.

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