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Sanjay Shah, the CEO of Vistex Asia United States, passed away tragically on the last day of the company’s 25th anniversary celebrations in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. 

He was on stage with the president of the company when something went wrong, and they fell. Sanjay Shah died, and the president is in critical condition. It was supposed to be a happy occasion, but it turned tragic, shocking and disheartening for everyone. 

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The Sanjay Shah Video Death Went Viral

Vistex Asia CEO Sanjay Shah and company president Vishwanath Raj Datla were raised on a wooden stage 20 feet above the ground using a crane during the company’s 25th-anniversary celebration. The stage was held in place by a 6mm iron wire on both sides, and it was supposed to lower slowly as part of the performance. 

The Sanjay Shah Video Death Went Viral

Sadly, one side of the wire snapped, causing an immediate fall. The accident is shown in the viral Video, which illustrates how serious it was. Both men were taken to Maxi Cure Hospital and later to Yashoda Hospital.

Sanjay Shah Accident Video

A video posted on social media captured the company’s 25th anniversary celebration, which took place on Thursday night in front of 700 people. The CEO, Shah, was hurt in the incident, suffering from injuries to his leg and hand, and Datla was critically injured. Shah died later at the hospital, and Datla remains in critical condition. 

The Sanjay Shah Accident Video also shows them waving to the crowd during fireworks, which may have been part of an entry stunt. The celebration turned tragic as a result of a mishap with the cage, which led to the untimely death of the CEO.

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Sanjay Shah Vistex Net Worth 2024 

Sanjay Shah, the CEO of Vistex Asia, passed away unexpectedly during the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. Shah was well-known in the tech industry and his untimely death added a somber touch to the festival. Vistex, which he founded in 1999, offers advisory services globally, catering to clients like AG.M. and Yamaha. 

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Sanjay Shah Vistex Net Worth 2024

Shah was originally from Mumbai and came to the U.S. more than ten years ago, where he gained recognition for his contributions to the tech industry. With a net worth estimated at $250 million, Shah leaves behind a legacy of innovation and success, having created software solutions for numerous companies.

Sanjay Shah Reddit: Facts and Social Media

Sanjay Shah Reddit Facts and Social Media

Sanjay Shah, 56, founded Vistex and helped global leaders like Apple and Walmart enhance their revenue. Originally from Mumbai, Shah received his MBA from Lehigh University at the age of 21. 

Prior to founding Vistex, Shah held positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers and General Motors. Prior to founding Vistex, which was renowned for its remarkable growth without external funding, he was also a philanthropist who supported nonprofits in health and education.


Tech boss Sanjay Shah plunges to his death after ‘freak accident’ on stage
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According to this Sanjay Shah Video Death article The tech industry has suffered a significant loss with the passing of Sanjay Shah, whose visionary leadership and contributions as CEO and founder of Vistex were crucial to the company’s global success. Shah had a net worth of $250 million, and his entrepreneurial prowess left a lasting legacy.

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