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Sanford Rose Associates Scam: Details On Reviews Of Daisy Whatsapp Message

We bring to you extensive facts unavailable elsewhere about a job scam in this Reviews of Daisy Whatsapp message from Sanford Rose Associates Scam.

Many job scams are executed by scammers Worldwide, specifically in European countries. There has been a sharp rise in the circulation of recruitment messages on WhatsApp in the last few months. What is the aim of such messages? Let’s check the Daisy Whatsappmessage from Sanford Rose Associates Scam to know more.

About Sanford Rose Associates Scam:

The details of a WhatsApp recruitment scam message were exposed on is a website to report and share information about scams and fraudulent activities. On, users can warn each other about potential scams, fraudulent websites, phishing emails, and other online frauds. maintains a supporting database of reported scams and user reviews to check if a website or email is fraudulent. 

Sanford Rose Associates Whatsapp message:

The thread# 703964 was posted by one of the users who received a WhatsApp message from +13804656406. The sender identified herself as Daisy, a recruiter from Sanford Rose Associates. The message stated – Hi, my name is Daisy. I am a recruitment consultant for Sanford Rose Associates. We have received your job application. Are you still looking for a job?

Sanford Rose Associates Reviews:

Sanford Rose Associates is a global executive recruitment firm. Sanford Rose Associates specializes in helping organizations find top talent for various industries and positions. Their official website –, provides information about their services, team, and client testimonials. They offer recruitment opportunities for:

  • Senior-level executives, 
  • Managers, 
  • Professionals in fields such as finance, 
  • Healthcare, 
  • Technology, 
  • Sales, 
  • Marketing and more

Daisy Sanford Rose Associates aplications:

The user who had received the WhatsApp message informed that they had not applied for any job. Hence, receiving a recruitment offer specifically from Sanford Rose Associates is suspicious. The contact number was related to country code +13, which is from South Africa. However, no information about the sender was available in the directory except that it is a business account.

Sanford Rose Associates Whatsapp scam:

The thread# 703964 received three comments stating that such messages are a scam and a phishing attempt. In the past, there were at least four messages containing the same text with the names of different recruiters and requirement agencies. Hence, Sanford Rose Associates’ requirement message circulating on WhatsApp is a scam.

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Authenticity of Sanford Rose Associates Daisy of messages:

Please note that not all WhatsApp recruitment messages are a scam. It is because WhatsApp supports business accounts, including e-stores like Amazon, banks, recruitment agencies, etc. The user needs to check if the message contains spelling or grammatical errors, an international number, a third-party website link asking for personal and payment details, or a request to call a specific contact number. Sanford Rose Associates Reviews suggest that the are reputed global requirement firm. 

The authenticity of the sender of the WhatsApp message needs to be verified, as the contact number does not pertain to Sanford Rose Associates. The applicant can contact customer service to verify the job offer or apply for jobs on their official website, instead of relying on Sanford Rose Associates Daisy.

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Conclusion: user did not ask for more information from sender about their authenticity and did not request the information over an email. However, in the past, contacting such recruiters resulted in leaking personal and payment details for background check, booking flight tickets and hotel rooms for interviews, or relocation to the job site, which is a phishing attempt.

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