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San Saba Suicide: Is It Murder? Check Shooting Incident Details Here!

In this article, you will find out about the San Saba Suicide case. Get updates about the case and the story behind the Murder and suicide.

Have you heard of the San Saba couple’s death news? Why did the couple commit suicide? On Wednesday evening, Police reported the death of 2 people who were verified as a couple. The incident took place near the 1200 Block of Wallace Street in the parking lot of the Store.

People are surprised by the rapidly growing number of Murder and suicide cases in the United States. The current case of murder-suicide left people speechless and stunned. If you want to get information about San Saba Suicide, stay connected and read thoroughly.


Suicide Report

The incident occurred inside a store’s parking lot, where a gunshot found two people dead. When the Police investigated the situation, they discovered that the couple was Ben Henniger and his wife, Lei Henniger. The couple’s young son confirms the situation by telling Police about the fight between their parents.

The couple had a dispute for a few months and was about to get a divorce. Ben was unhappy with the divorce and approached his wife to discuss the situation. Suddenly, the conversation becomes heated, and Ben pulls the trigger on his wife. After Shooting Lie, Ben killed himself with the same gun. 

Police Report

Police completed the investigation and handed over the Juvenile son of the couple to their relatives. As per the statement of The Young Kid, his mother took him from school, and suddenly, his father came in and started an argument. However, the kid has no signs of injury or attack, but the scenario traumatises him.

Moreover, the Chief of San Saba police John Bauer told the press that it was shocking and terrifying. I cannot express the depth of my condolences to the relatives and friends of the family. It is very sad for the entire community.

Is San Saba becoming another dangerous city in the United States?

Multiple cases took place in the United States, but it was one of the tragic situations when two people committed suicide. People are surprised that there will be a massacre in the City if things go like this. Citizens completely rely on the Police and the government to keep violence-free.

Wiki Details of Couple

Name  Husband: Ben Hennigers

Wife: Lei Hennigers

Relation Married couple
Age Ben: 45

Lei: 40

Children 1 child
Profession Information unavailable
Nationality American
Family Information unavailable

Furthermore, the Police didn’t reveal any further information about the Murder case. Moreover, the child is in the safe hands of their relatives. 

Insider News

The cheap police department learned that the couple was unhappy with the relationship. Although they had a kid, Ben and Lei always argue over little topics, and things get messy. The close one of the couple also reveals that when they finally decided to divorce, Ben seemed unhappy with the decision.

Couples related to the current belief that they took a major step toward suicide. It is believed that things can improve if they have conversations and sort out the problems. However, things turn out worse for Ben, leading him to Murder, his wife. 

Social media links

Unfortunately, social media links are not available about the case, and the people’s information about the murder-suicide case is only available in the news articles.


A report of a Murder-suicide case came in from San Saba, where the body of a couple was found in the parking lot of the Store. According to the Police, the couple was having a tough time and had a heated argument. As a result, the husband, Ben, took out the gun and killed his wife, Lei. 

What do you think the kid has been through when he saw the death of his parents? Comment below.

San Saba Suicide: FAQs

Q1 What was the relationship status of the dead couple?

The couple was married and about to get a divorce but unfortunately died.

Q2 At what duration of the day the incident took place?

The incident took place near 3:00 p.m.

Q3 Who inspected the murder-suicide case of the couple?

The police chief of San Saba, John Bauer. 

Q4 How many people were present at the spot?

There were three people present during the shootout: the couple and their son.

Q5 Are there any other fatal injuries or deaths reported?

No, only a couple were dead; no other injuries were reported.

Q6 Where did the Shooting take place?

The shooting took place in the parking lot of a store.

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