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San Jose Police Union Arrested: Who Is Joanne Marian Segovia? Is She An Executive Director? Also Check The Reason Behind Her Arrest, And Smuggling Details

This post about San Jose Police Union Arrested will inform you about the aftermath of Segovia’s arrest.

On 13 march 2023, Segovia was taken under police custody after a parcel got caught in Kentucky, labelled to her name. 

Who is Segovia? What is in the parcel? Why did a parcel get someone arrested by the authorities? The news of Segovia being arrested was all over the United States, and people were gushing over the news to know more. Read this post about San Jose Police Union Arrested till the end to know the details.



This post contains words that may be uncomfortable for the audience and are only used for informative purposes. We didn’t intend to make it sound harsh or portray anyone’s foul image.

What is the reason behind the arrest?

After Joanne Marian Segovia, the executive director, got arrested due to a parcel addressed to her name, people were curious about the in-depth information about the case and the aftermath of this incident. So the California police department executive director, Segovia, has been running a chain of Smuggling at her home for many years. She deals with toxic substances named Valeryl fentanyl, which was received from many countries.

The receiving and giving of the substance is not legal accounting to the laws and was not a good action, due to which she got arrested by the authorities on 13 march 2023 after one of her packages got checked, and her name addressed it. She was taken into custody, and further official actions will be taken. According to the spokesman, she will be behind bars for a maximum of 20 years, but the official announcement is yet to be out.

Fentanyl Exchanging- What is the reaction of colleagues and Segovia?

Joanne had worked for the police department in California as the executive director during her time. She is currently 64 years old. People have been gushing over her and trying to digest that she has been involved in such a thing. Many officers, including Sean Pritchard, matt Mahan, and others, were shocked when the revelation came out. They have stated that she is not the person they used to know, as during her job times, she has contributed to many good works as an Executive, including donations for nursing homes, children, and people experiencing poverty. Still, now her actions shocked them to bits. However, there is no statement from Segovia’s side, and she is quiet throughout the matter. you can have a look at social media section, twitter link which provides the needed information about the case of Segovia being arrested.

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The authorities arrested Segovia on 13 march 2023, and since then, she has been the talk of the town due to her supply chain of toxic materials. To know more about Segovia’s case, visit the link.

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Executive director, Segovia- FAQs:

Q1. What is the full name of Segovia?

Her full name is Joanne Marian Segovia.

Q2. Which name is written on the parcel?

Its mentioned as J Segovia with her address.

Q3. What is the content mentioned on the parcel? 

It states that it contains 500 mg soma pills.

Q4. What is the punishment given to her?

Till now, there has been no official announcement regarding the punishment.

Q5. Where did she reside?

She lives in California.

Q6. What is the name of the Drug?

Its Valeryl fentanyl.

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