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Unlike the name Sammy Cheese Games sound, its domain is not related to an online gaming website. is enrolled in a traffic monetization program. It is a domain parking in the United States. A domain parking website is a URL bought in advance with the motive of selling the website when it receives considerable visitors.

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What is the Sammy Cheese Games website? is referred to as a website related to games because it is a young search engine hosting topics related to:

  • Unblocked Games,
  • Free Games,
  • Game Mods,
  • Game Genres, and
  • Game Configuration.

When a user clicks on any of the default search results, he is offered to click on either of the two links provided about the topic. Once the user clicks on any of the two links, he is randomly redirected to any of the five websites. The five websites are:

  4., and

The term Sammy Cheese Game is unrelated to because, firstly, the website is not an online gaming website (or) offering any game application related to cheese games on Android, iOS, (or) Windows platforms. 

Secondly, its default search results mentioned earlier redirect the users to five different knowledge-based websites, which include various topics related to health, finance, etc., and were not explicitly related to gaming topics. Additionally, the five websites mentioned earlier do not provide direct answers to games, mods, configuration, unblocking, (or) free games.

The Features of included only information about privacy policy and excluded information about terms of use, customer service contact details, and owner’s information. On analyzing privacy policy of Sammy, it was determined that the website is taken care of by Skenzo Limited (or)

Skenzo Limited offers traffic monetization programs for website registrars, domain portfolio holders, and web hosts. Hence, it does not own but only aims to increase its traffic and popularity. In the future, may be sold to interested parties at a profit when its gains popularity and considerable viewership. Therefore, is a domain parking.

The legitimacy of Sammy was registered in California, USA, on 20th September 2022. is two month and 18 days old website. registration will expire within nine months and 12 days on 20th September 2023. Therefore, Sammy Cheese has a short life expectancy.

As a young website, gained a 20% trust score. Though does not support payments, it earned an average business ranking of 58.7%, a suspicion score of 26%, a 3% phishing, a 4% spam, and a 19% malware and threat scores.


Sammy has low visitors count and gained a zero Alexa rank. The Domain Authority of stands at a terrible 1/100. However, as a domain parking, its scores are expected to improve in the future. The five websites mentioned earlier on which users are redirected support less secured HTTP protocol. Due to low trust score, is a suspicious website. 

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Sammy – FAQ

1Q. Does supports secured connection?

No, it supports less secured HTTP protocol.

2Q. Does has an SSL certificate?

Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 11 days.

3Q. Is blacklisted?

No, is not blacklisted by any blacklisting engines.

4Q. Does sells any product (or) services?


5Q. Does allows users to enter search criteria?

No, it displays its native, default, and sponsored search results. 

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