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Sam Smith New Video Youtube: Discover Full Update On Sam Smith Latest Video, Corset, And Sam Smith Net Worth

Kindly read this post on Sam Smith New Video YouTube to learn more about the latest details related to the controversy related to Sam Smith.

Do you know Sam Smith? Have you heard his latest music video? Sam Smith has just released a music video that has caused immense controversy on the internet. People from the United Kingdom are shocked after watching the latest video of Sam Smith. If you want to learn more about the Sam Smith New Video YouTube, we advise you to continue reading this post.


Why is there controversy around Sam Smith?

Sam Smith has just released a music album named Gloria with several songs. Most of his songs are good; one is currently number 1 in the UK. There is one song that has attracted the most controversy. The controversy is not because of the song’s lyrics but because of its music video. The name of the music video is “I’m not here to make friends.” Now, people must wonder what is so controversial about Sam Smith Latest Video

So the reason is that the music video for “I’m not here to make friends” is highly explicit and contains mature content in the video. People mostly make this controversial and hate the music video because this video is available on the internet.


We do not support homophobia on our website. This article has been explained just for informative purposes.

What is people’s opinion on the music video?

People on the internet say that the music video is highly inappropriate and outrageous. What provoked the people was how easily this music video was accessible. Kids can easily look at these videos, and this video can be easily broadcasted on music channels. Another controversial thing about the video was Sam Smith Video Corset which was explicit. Because of this controversy, Sam Smith has been viral and searched on social media. 

Many people criticize the music video for its inappropriate nature. However, some say the music video promotes body positivity and the LGBTQ+ community. According to some people, Sam Smith is encouraging people. However, this cannot hide the fact about how badly explicit the video was and how it can affect someone, especially kids.

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Final words

To conclude this post, no music artist should promote explicit content in their music video as it can be offensive and disturbing to some people. Please visit this link to learn more about Sam Smith

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Sam Smith New Video YouTube – FAQs

Q1. Who is Sam Smith?

Answer: Sam Smith is a famous music artist.

Q2. Why is Sam Smith controversial nowadays?

Answer: Sam Smith is trending because of his new music video, “I’m not here to make friends.”

Q3. What is controversial about the music video of “I’m not here to make friends”?

Answer: The music video for “I’m not here to make friends” contains explicit and intimate content.

Q4. What is the public’s opinion on Sam Smith’s music video?

Answer: People are mostly criticizing the music video of Sam Smith, but some of them are also supporting him.

Q5. What is Sam Smith Net Worth?

Answer: Sam Smith has a net worth of $45 million.

Q6. What is Sam Smith’s opinion on the music video?

Answer: Sam Smith has not released an official statement related to the music video controversy.

Q7. Where can we watch the music video of Sam Smith?

Answer: People can watch Sam Smith’s latest music video on YouTube.

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