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Safet Gjici Video Reddit: Is Original Clip Viral On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter

We bring details of corruption charges related to Safet Gjici Video Reddit Original on TiktokInstagramYoutubeTelegram, and Twitter.

The viral video clip of Safet Gjici, featured in June/2023 and circulated worldwide, specifically becoming popular in the United States, had taken a new turn after the initial investigation! Let’s check more details of Safet Gjici Video Reddit.

About Safet Gjici Video Reddit:

The Reddit platform included six posts specific to Safet’s video on grownup community pages. The Reddit posts require users to log in to access the content. One of Reddit’s grownup community pages @r/albania included a 00:02:02 minutes video posted by @u/Salt-Lie8889. 

The Safet Gjici Original Video was available from 220P with a file size of 4.6MB to up to 720P with a file size of 19MB. The video featured Safet having a buccal physical relationship with Alma Kaci (a 40-years-old woman and a bidder of government contracts). 

The Safet Gjici Original Video: 

The video was captured on CCTV camera in the office of the Mayor of Kuka. An unidentified person in the office took a video from a security monitor in the office and made it go viral in mid-June/2023. 

TikTok posts:

There were 95+ posts related to Safet Gjici’s video on TikTok. There is no original version of Safet’s video that was imported from the CCTV hard drive. On 16th/June/2023, the incident was published in the news media. 

TikTok posts gained 9.2 million views to date. Safet took responsibility and resigned from the office on 17th/June/2023. Kaci was under house arrest, for which she requested the court to investigate the case by freeing her from house arrest.

Instagram posts:

No Safet Gjici’s scandal videos were present on Instagram. Initially, in June/2023, the video was circulated to shame Safet. But, after the initial investigation, Kaci confessed in August that she wanted to win a tender for the sterilization of dogs from the Mayor’s office.  

Twitter posts: 

On the Twitter platform, several Safet Gjici’s explicit video were made fun-of and were posted as a meme on two profiles. Kaci informed that in exchange for winning the bid, she accepted the offer for physical gratification from Safet. Safet was arrested on 24th/June/2023.

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YouTube posts:

The case is investigated as a financial scandal and filed in the court for passive/active corruption from Safet. Safet posted an apology video on YouTube and accepted that he had done a wrong thing. 

On Youtube, there were more than 44 related videos. On YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, only censored and partial clips were available. Some of the posts included links to third-party, unauthentic, knowledge-based news websites to promote their sponsors and to get more viewership.

Telegram posts:

No videos, posts, or blogs related to Safet Gjici’s video were found on Telegram, as it is a private messaging group that can be joined via an invite link from existing Telegram members.

Social media links:


The Safet’s action brought shame to his Socialist Party and as the Mayor of Kukes. Twitter posts suggest that Safet is a powerful icon in Albania. He is the president of Albanian Superliga football club FK Kukesi. As a businessman, Safet is the CEO of Kevin Construction and EuroGjici Security. 

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Disclaimer: This article does not intend to de-popularize any individual and does not support grownup content in any form. The details in this article are intended for informational purposes only and were driven from several online sources.

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